Who’s Who in Australian Photonics Research and Development – Michael Austin RMIT 2007

2007 Who’s Who in Australian Photonics R&D Mike Austin RMIT“Whirlwind Tour of Who’s Who in Australian Photonics R&D”
Michael Austin
RMIT University

A brief overview of current major research activities in the Australian photonics research community.

Download the full reportOptical Fibre Technology Centre (OFTC) (University of Sydney):
Specialty silica fibre – rare earth doped fibre for lasers and amplifiers, highly non-linear fibre, photosensitive fibre, high birefringence fibre, non-circular and exotic geometry fibre for special devices
Photonic crystal fibre in silica – air clad for high power lasers, rare-earth doped and photosensitive PCF for devices, Fresnel fibres
Microstructured polymer optical fibre – hollow core fibre, multi-core fibres, doped mPOF for active devices

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