Victoria Government eResearch Initiatives – October 2006

2006 Vic Govt eResearch Initiatives Oct 2006Just as the international research community pioneered the use of the Internet, researchers are again leading the way with the adaptation of the next generation of ICT innovations, which are transforming the way that the science community works. eResearch is revolutionising every aspect of scientific practice. The National eResearch Coordinating Committee (eRCC) defines eResearch as: ‘Those enabling information and communication technologies (ICT) which researchers increasingly use to support their research endeavours.

Download the full reportThe research environments emerging from the increasing use of distributed high-performance computing resources, data resources, scientific instruments and communications technologies are enabling researchers to perform their research independent of time and geographical location. Researchers have the potential to interact with colleagues, access remote instrumentation, share distributed research data and computational resources, and access information in digital libraries.’

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