Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity 2006-2007 – ABS February 2008

2008 Venture Capital & Later Stage Private Equity 2006-2007 Australian Bureau of Statistics Feb 2008Investors in Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity (VC&LSPE) are generally sophisticated individual investors or organisations such as pension (superannuation) funds. Investors invest in VC&LSPE vehicles which are mainly organised in the form of either trust funds or corporations. There are two types of vehicles: those that generally invest directly in investee companies, and those who pool funds and generally invest through the direct investment vehicles. The latter are called fund of funds. The investment decisions of the vehicles are made by a VC&LSPE manager, who is generally a skilled business person and financial analyst. The VC&LSPE manager provides assistance and advice to the investee companies.

The value in funds committed to VC&LSPE investment vehicles increased during 2006–07. Download the full reportAs at 30 June 2007, investors had $15.2b committed to investment vehicles, an increase of 22.0% on the revised $12.5b committed as at 30 June 2006. Most of the committed funds were sourced domestically, with 91% of commitments from Australian investors (down slightly on June 2006). Resident pension funds continue to increase their contribution to total commitment, with $8.1b of committed capital (53% of total funds comitted). Investors had $9.5b of committed funds drawn down at 30 June 2007, an increase of 27% on the previous year end ( a revised $7.5b at June 2006.

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