Turning Green into Gold – CleanTech Ventures October 2007

2007 Turning Green into Gold CleanTech Ventures Oct 2007Australia has a long history of technological invention, a dynamic economy and an energetic engagement with environmental issues. Cleantech – which brings together technology, environmental and financial performance – seems to be a natural fit. The term “cleantech” embraces knowledge based products and services that optimise the use of natural resources while reducing ecological impact and adding economic value through lowered costs or improved profitability.

This report comprises the first-ever comprehensive summary of the trends in venture capital investing in Australian cleantech companies for the period analysed. It presents data on cleantech IPOs and Buyouts of Australian companies between 1999 and 2006, and Australian Mergers and Acquisitions activity between 2005-2006. Venture capital investment data covers the period 1999 – Q1 2007.

Download the full reportAustralian cleantech companies are being bolstered by ongoing venture capital investment, while IPOs, Buyouts and M&A activity paint a relatively optimistic picture for exiting those investments further down the track. Investment in the nascent Australian cleantech industry has grown, but not at the same scale or speed as cleantech investing in North America and Europe where it has boomed.

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