Towards a European Software Industry Strategy – Intellect October 2008

2008 Towards a European Software Industry Strategy Intellect Oct 2008Software is everywhere. This is one reason why the sector as a whole is not easy to be appreciated. In Europe, software has recently gained recognition as being vital for innovation, competitiveness, sustainable growth, welfare and high quality jobs creation. This paper focuses on packaged software as opposed to custom software that should be dealt with separately as a very different IT business. Moreover all participants to our working group represent this sector within the ICT industry (which is growing approximately three times as fast as the European economy), whereas only some of us represent end ICT users and manufacturers that sell products including embedded software.Download the full report

The European software industry deserves strategic attention. In each of the 27 countries of the European Union, packaged software companies have been created and contribute a great deal to growth and job creation, both directly, and through innovation and increased productivity throughout all market sectors.

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