Tech Trends Postdigital Deloitte Apr 2013

Information Economy StrategyWelcome to Deloitte’s annual report, Elements of postdigital, examining trends in technology put to business use. Once again,
we’ve selected ten topics that have the potential to impact businesses over the next 18 to 24 months.

Developing the list of trends is an ongoing process of primary and secondary research. The process includes:

  • Feedback from client executives on current and future priorities
  • Input from Deloitte industry and practice leaders
  • Perspectives from industry and academic luminaries
  • Research from alliance partners, industry analysts, and competitor positioning
  • Crowd-sourced ideas and examples from our global network of practitioners

This year’s theme, Elements of postdigital, examines the convergence and controlled collision of five forces – Analytics, Mobile, Social, Cloud, and Cyber – as businesses move closer to achieving the possibilities of the Postdigital Enterprise, where all five forces are mature, implemented, integrated, and baked-in instead of bolted-on. These five forces offer a news et of tools for business, opening the door to a new set of rules for
operations, performance, and competition. IT can deliver engagement and empowerment to business customers, both innovating and industrialising.

The Postdigital era, like the post-industrial era, reflects a “new normal” for business and a new basis for competition. In post-industrial times, we didn’t forego industrialisation, we embraced it. The Post digital era is similar, but with digitalisation as its core.
It’s an uncommon time to have five forces – all newly emerged, all evolving, all technology-centric – already impacting business so strongly. It is an opportunity for IT to deliver extraordinary value via modest investments on top of a strong legacy technology footprint.

Our 2013 report shares ten trends grouped into two categories. Disruptors are opportunities that can create sustainable positive disruption in IT capabilities, business operations, and sometimes even business models. Enablers are technologies in which many CIOs have already invested time and effort, but which warrant another look because of new developments or opportunities. Enablers may be more evolutionary than revolutionary, but the potential is often there nonetheless to elevate the business game.


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