Broadband Adoption in the US – Pew August 2013

As of May 2013, 70% of American adults ages 18 and older have a high-speed broadband connection at home, according to a nationally representative survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. This is a small but statistically significant rise from the 66% of adults who said they had home broadband in […]

The Digital Revolution and Higher Education – The value of online learning

Over the last decade, online course enrollment at US colleges and universities has grown at a faster rate than overall education enrollment.To reach its findings on the value of online learning, this report has sourced a pair of Pew Research Centre surveys conducted in the US in early 2011. Among the findings is the prediction […]

The Faster-Accelerating Digital Economy – Seoul University

30th April 2011. This Discussion Paper, produced by the Seoul National University, identifies the Digital Economy (“DE”) as one of the most important features of the knowledge-based society of the future. The DE is growing at a rapid and increasing rate and this paper examines the causes and patterns of this rapid growth. The DE […]

The Social Side of the Internet – The Pew Research Center

18th Jan 2011. A US study has shown that the internet is now deeply embedded in group and organisational life in America with 75% of all adults being involved in some kind of voluntary group or organisation. Click here to download the full report Internet users are more likely to participate in these groups: 80% […]

Validated Angel Market Returns – RSCM 2010

Knowing the return of an asset class is a crucial variable in making a portfolio allocation decision. Recently, interest in startup investments has motivated at least eight large studies in the US and UK to examine returns in the business angel market. The average return across all these studies is 27%. These studies further reveal […]

Overselling Fibre – UK Report Dispelling Productivity Myths of High Speed Broadband

29th Nov 2010. Decried by the Labor Government and upheld as important by the Liberal opposition, this US report adds to the debate about inadequate data and policy being developed to support a  cost benefit analysis of the Australian National Broadband Network. Click here to download the report Paul Budde’s commentary is an excellent summary: […]

Private Equity findings Spring 2010 – Coller Institute November 2010

Whether the industry likes it or not, private equity is becoming subject to even more public scrutiny. This trend has been playing out for a few years, but now the prospect of increasing regulation is looming across Europe and the US, the need for independent assessment of private equity’s impact on stakeholders has become greater. […]

2006 Selling to the US Government – A Guide – Austrade

2006 Selling to the US Government – A Guide – Austrade The United States federal and state governments are the largest purchasers of goods and services in the world – the federal government alone spends more than $200 billion. Under the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA), Australian exporters are, for the first time, able […]

2005 Australia and the US Trade in a New Era – DFAT

2005 Australia and the US Trade in a New Era – DFAT US multinationals are important actors in the Australian economy, both in their own right and indirectly, through the business and business practices they bring to their local supply networks. They also are an important avenue for the further internationalisation of the Australian economy. […]