Top Breakthrough Actions for Innovation – Australian Chief Scientist Dec 2012

At the previous PMSEIC meeting, it was agreed that the Chief Scientist would bring to the next meeting advice on breakthrough actions that governments could take to enhance innovation in Australia. The Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) wrote to 63 organisations, peak bodies and individuals seeking their answer to the question: What are the […]

Building Industries Strategy – Victoria Government November 2008

Building Industries is the next step by the Victorian Government to secure a strong future for our industry base so it will continue to deliver sustainable and skilled jobs for Victoria. Victorian industry faces a number of challenges including a global economic slowdown, moving to a low-carbon environment and increasing global competition for goods and […]

Australian National Counter-Terrorism Plan – Alert System October 2008

The National Counter-Terrorism Plan  (NCTP) outlines responsibilities, authorities and the mechanisms to prevent, or if they occur, manage acts of terrorism and their consequences within Australia. The NCTP will be updated as required and reviewed by the National Counter-Terrorism Committee (NCTC) at least every three years, as part of the review of counter-terrorism arrangements. A […]

National eHealth Transformation Authority (NEHTA) Review – BCG October 2007

Federal and state governments thus moved to establish the National eHealth Transition Authority Ltd (NEHTA), a collaborative enterprise owned by the Australian federal, state and territory governments, to identify and jointly develop the necessary foundations for eHealth. NEHTA’s brief was to advance the Australian eHealth agenda — specifically through the development of standards, clinical terminologies […]

Sydney Metropolitan Strategy – NSW Government 2006

The Sydney Metropolitan Strategy is a broad framework to secure Sydney’s place in the global economy by promoting and managing growth. It is a strategic document that outlines a vision for Sydney over the next 25 years; the challenges we face, and the directions we will follow to address these challenges and achieve the vision. […]

NSW Government State Plan – November 2006

The NSW Government has a profound impact on the lives and the opportunities of the nearly seven million people of NSW. The provision of these services – and many more – is a large and complex undertaking. In the current year it will involve recurrent expenditure of $43 billion and the investment of $10 billion […]

The IT Engine Room – SME’s in Australia’s IT&T Industry – Benson Standen DCITA 1999

This report addresses the particular issues, challenges and opportunities for the information technology and telecommunications (IT&T) industry to promote, establish, nurture and grow its small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In particular, this report examines how the relationship between SMEs and their key stakeholders can drive mutual success. The audience for this report is the boardrooms […]