Benefits of Broadband - DBCDE Deloitte Access Economics September 2013

Benefits of Broadband – DBCDE Deloitte Access Economics September 2013

High-speed broadband is transforming our economy and society, with major implications for households, business, governments and the environment. The report looks over the horizon to 2020 when Australia’s economy will be a fully digital economy, powered by the National Broadband Network (NBN). Recent developments like smartphones, apps and social media will be more deeply embedded, […]

E-Crime in the UK - House of Commons Jul 2013

E-Crime in the UK – House of Commons July 2013

We live in a world where terms like “Cyber crime” no longer belong in the realm of science fiction. Modern devices such as smart phones and tablets have brought the internet not only to our fingertips but to our bedsides, our pockets and to our children. And yet there is strong evidence that access to […]

Mobile Apps Possible Australian Regulatory Issues – ACMA May 2013

Mobile apps (applications) represent one of the most significant developments in media and communications in the past five years. Apps are software programs that may be installed on smartphones and other communication devices. At the heart of this evolution is the transformation of mobile telephony from a voice- and text-based platform, into one where a […]

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Monetising Mobile Payments Value Chain – KPMG July 2011

Everybody wants to talk about mobile payments and banking. And no wonder: the heady combination of increasingly sophisticated mobile devices, banking services and payment options offers banks the opportunity to gain market share, tap into new revenue streams and reduce their overall cost to serve customers. Customers, too, are looking ahead to the potential of […]