Innovation Review – Pearcey Foundation Submission – April 2008

This submission is written to outline the contention of the Pearcey Foundation that it is time for Australia to create an independent ICT Economic Studies Institute (“ICTESI”) dedicated to the provision of information and knowledge on the role Information and Communications Technology (ICT) plays in innovation, productivity and the Australian economy. The rationale for the […]

Measuring The Economic Impact of ICT – OECD January 2008

Policy makers everywhere want to know the impacts of ICT. They are interested in both economic and social impacts, though it should be noted that, in a statistical and policy sense, the former have generally received more attention – in OECD countries at least. While it seems obvious that there are significant economic and social […]

Forecasting Productivity Growth 2004-2024 – The Role of ICT – DCITA March 2006

This report presents forecasting productivity growth in major sectors of the Australian economy between 2004 and 2024. The main objective is to inform policy makers and the interested public on the likely impact of technological change on productivity growth. On the basis of quite conservative assumptions, indications are that information and communications technology (ICT) will […]