Review Homeland and Border Security – Ric Smith Decmeber 2008

At any time Australia faces threats from a range of sources which in different ways can put our institutions of state, our people, our economic assets and our technology at risk. These hazards include espionage, foreign interference, terrorism, politically motivated violence, border violations, drug trafficking, cyber attack, organised crime, natural disasters, industrial accidents and biosecurity […]

2008 Skilling For Innovation AI Group Deloitte Apr 2008

Skilling For Innovation – AI Group Deloitte April 2008

Australian businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain the skilled workers needed to survive and prosper in today. Skill shortages are also restricting the innovative ability of Australian firms and this places the future competitiveness of many companies at risk. On 22 January 2008, the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, […]

2005 SME Risk Management Guide – Global Risk Alliance NSW DSRD

2005 SME Risk Management Guide – Global Risk Alliance NSW DSRD This document is a practical guide for managing risk in small business. It reflects the risk management concepts being used in business practice in both the public and private sectors in Australia. It is based upon AS/NZS 4360, recognised internationally as industry best practice […]

Exploring Intangible Networks – The Radiata Story – Frater & Matthews

10th Dec 2003. Creating and Exploiting Intangible Networks: How Radiata was able to improve its odds of success in the risky process of innovating. This seminal report/case study demonstrates how a network of highly-skilled people who know and trust each other can result in breakthrough innovation in Australia, of global impact.  People networks are critical […]