2002 Australian Use of ICT & Contribution to Growth Reserve Bank Jan 2002

Australian Use of ICT & Contribution to Growth – Reserve Bank January 2002

During the stock market volatility of 1999 and 2000 much was made of whether certain economies were ‘new economy’ or ‘old economy’. ‘New economy’ countries were those that had a significant high-tech production sector, ‘old economy’ countries were the rest. In the hype surrounding the ‘new economy’ stock returns for high-tech firms soared. Consequently, the […]

Reserve Bank 25 years of growth

Reserve Bank 25 Years of Economic Growth – September 2010

The Australian economy has started what will be its twentieth year of economic growth. This has been a remarkable performance – one that is unprecedented both in Australia’s economic history and among other developed economies over this period. It raises a number of interesting questions: why was Australia able to record such a good performance; […]

Australian Financial Markets Report – AFMA 2007

The Australian Financial Markets Report for 2007 again shows sustained vigour across the board. Turnover on exchange-traded markets in equities and futures was up significantly by a combined 32.2%, and OTC markets sustained momentum at over 14.6% growth. Both markets have recorded increases consistently since 1999-2000. Whilst most market segments posted positive results, reflecting strong […]