The Maturing of the MOOC UK BIS Sept 2013

The Maturing of the MOOC – UK BIS September 2013

Elite institutions in The Academy, primarily leading US universities, are widely engaging enthusiastically in MOOCs by lending brand, content, funds, staff, badging and policy support. They see opportunities for brand enhancement, pedagogic experimentation, recruitment and business model innovation. The pro-MOOC impetus is producing a conspicuous literature. It reports positively on these experiments, describing a process […]

Selling to Australian Govt - A Guide DFS Nov 2009

Selling to Australian Government Guide – DFS November 2009

This guide is relevant to suppliers looking to do business with Australian Government departments and agencies that are required to apply the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines (the Guidelines). The Australian Government is a large potential market for businesses of all sizes. From advertising and cleaning services to engineering and office equipment, and from training and project […]