World Happiness Report Sept 2013

World Happiness Report – September 2013

The world is now in the midst of a major policy debate about the objectives of public policy. What should be the world’s Sustainable Development Goals for the period 2015-2030? The World Happiness Report 2013 is offered as a contribution to that crucial debate. In July 2011 the UN General Assembly passed a historic resolution. […]

Public Policy Adrift – The Case for a Business Case Approach – IPAA Howard

3rd April 2012. The public policy making process in Australia is adrift, notwithstanding regular affirmations by governments at all levels to an evidence and consultation-based approach.This paper commissioned from Howard Partners by the IPAA advocates that Public Policy Making adopt a ‘business case’ approach.  Click here to read/download the report The paper makes two key […]

Australian Defence White Paper May 2009

Australian Defence White Paper – May 2009

Defence planning is, by its very nature, a complex and long-term business. Australian defence planning is one area of public policy where decisions taken in one decade have the potential to affect, for good or ill, Australia’s sovereignty and freedom of action for decades to come. The Government must make careful judgements about Australia’s long-term defence […]

Presentation on IT Outlook Trends – OECD December 2008

Presentation on IT Outlook Trends OECD December 2008 Global overview: ICT supply side Growth dropped, Q3-Q4 financial markets meltdown and OECD area recession. Grew in all segments in 2008 due to Q1-Q3 growth. Outlook negative for 2009 Turbulence linked with OECD area recession: IT investment is highly cyclical (‘accelerator effect’), consumption hit by ‘wealth effect’, […]

Innovation and the Knowledge Economy – ABF May 2006

Innovation is a key issue for both corporate managers and public policy makers because it jointly determines the business performance of firms and the path of economic development. The argument presented in this paper is that business challenges and policy issues intersect. The aim is to explore how innovation happens, the importance of innovation for […]