Mastercard releases Global Mobile Payments Readiness Index

29th June 2012. A new global study from MasterCard Worldwide shows Australia is on track for a cashless future – but the country still has obstacles to overcome before mobile payments become the norm. The winners are – Canada, Japan, Kenya, Singapore, and the US. Click here to view/download the report (23Mb in size) The MasterCard Mobile […]

Branchless Banking – Mobile Money Report Smart Services CRC

21st Feb 2010. The Asia-Pacific region is a fertile territory for branchless banking, and particularly for mobile money transfers. Up to 80 percent of the population of some countries in the region remains unbanked. In this review of mobile money transfers in the Asia-Pacific, we bring together material from reports by international organisations, discussion lists, […]

Realising the Full Potential of Mobile Commerce – Edgar Dunn March 2009

Payments have been evolving for hundreds of years. From the age-old bartering system, to cash, to check, to electronic forms of payments and mobile commerce, people have found innovative and more efficient ways to make a payment. This evolution has resulted in a significant shift in the current mix of consumer payments: from primarily paper-based […]

Innovation in Payments – Edgar Dunn APCA March 2009

The Board of APCA established the Card Payments Forum as a means of promoting industry-based and non-regulatory initiatives, for the promotion of competition with minimal regulatory overlay. APCA has commissioned Edgar, Dunn & Company (EDC) to prepare this Discussion Paper on innovation in retail payment systems in advance of the next Card Forum meeting to […]