Cloud in Australia - Fujitsu Microsoft July 2012

Cloud Computing in Australia – Fujitsu Microsoft July 2012

Cloud Computing is the new paradigm in ICT. It brings together a range of different technologies and business practices that have been maturing for some time: broadband communications, software as a service, outsourcing, the move to mobile computing. These and other trends have combined to make cloud computing the hottest topic in the ICT industry […]

Outsourcing In A Brave New World – Norton Rose June 2012

I am pleased to present the second Norton Rose Group international survey of outsourcing practice. Our 2008 report on international best practice in outsourcing and procurement – A Smart Approach to Sourcing – highlighted the differences in approach to sourcing across various industry sectors. We found that customers needed to improve three areas of their […]

2010 Cloud Computing – Storms on Horizon Deloitte US Apr 2010

2010 Cloud Computing – Storms on Horizon Deloitte US Apr 2010 Interest In cloud computing has been spurred by a confl uence of changes in the business and information technology landscape. Today, it is generally viewed as a potentially attractive new form of low cost IT outsourcing, and cloud technology providers and users are focused […]

Onshoring IT-enabled Analytics – Swamy ACS 2009

The study is fundamentally about defining a “proactive” IT-enabled Onshoring solution for the Australian ICT community beset by the impending threat of significant Offshoring strategies about to be adopted by Australian companies especially in the banking and financial services area (a partial secondary analysis shows that the top 5 banks and 3 insurance companies are […]

A Guide to ICT Sourcing for Australian Government Agencies – AGIMO September 2007

ICT sourcing determines where an agency’s ICT components are obtained, managed and run. The basic objective of ICT sourcing is to deliver the best level of support for the agency’s business requirements in the most cost-effective way. This is encapsulated in the Australian Government’s policy objective of achieving value for money. For some agencies, the […]

2007 Managing IT Security When Outsourcing TISN DCITA

Report : 2007 Managing IT Security When Outsourcing TISN DCITA This guide provides resources and checklists to assist managers to address IT security issues when organisations are negotiating new, or renegotiating existing outsourcing contracts for their IT arrangements. The ITSEAG has released a guide to effective IT security governance which should be seen as a […]

2004 Status of ICT Offshore Outsourcing AIIA

2004 Status of ICT Offshore Outsourcing AIIA The goal of this research is for the reader to better understand the status of offshore outsourcing in Australia – a debate that can become remarkably passionate. Unlike other reports that have been undertaken in Australia and overseas, this paper does not seek to pursue a political or […]

Status of Fed Govt IT Outsourcing 2000

Status of Federal Government IT Outsourcing – DCITA 2000

The Government’s Information Technology Infrastructure Outsourcing Initiative, which started in 1997, has had as one of its primary objectives the development of the Australian information technology industry. Under the approach that applied until January 2001, companies that have secured IT outsourcing contracts are required to report annually on the industry development outcomes arising from these […]