World Happiness Report Sept 2013

World Happiness Report – September 2013

The world is now in the midst of a major policy debate about the objectives of public policy. What should be the world’s Sustainable Development Goals for the period 2015-2030? The World Happiness Report 2013 is offered as a contribution to that crucial debate. In July 2011 the UN General Assembly passed a historic resolution. […]

Coalition’s Policy for E-Government and the Digital Economy - Liberal Party September 2013

Coalition’s Policy for E-Government and the Digital Economy – Liberal Party September 2013

Digital Economy and Information and communication technologies (ICT) are transforming the way we work and driving change in many industries. Governments everywhere understand their decisions can assist or impede businesses and families adjust to an increasingly digital economy and society. Since 2007, Labor has presided over a sharp fall in Australia’s ranking as a digital […]

Full OECD Internet ICT Outlook 2012 – Sept 2012

The Internet is now a fundamental infrastructure supporting the economy and is firmly in its 2nd stage of development, having evolved from a data network connecting PCs with wires to a much broader network of new portable devices from mobile phones to tablet computers. It is also on the cusp of a much larger expansion […]

2nd Australian Innovation System Report – DIISR August 2011

This is the second of a series of annual reports on the performance of Australia’s National Innovation System. It provides new innovation metrics, analysis and where possible updates of baseline indicators established in the Australian Innovation System 2010 Report. Most of these indicators benchmark Australia’s innovation performance against other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development […]

Financing High Growth Firms – Angel Investors – OECD August 2011

Angel investors, who are often experienced entrepreneurs or business people, have become increasingly recognised as an important source of equity capital at the seed and early stage of company formation. With fewer and fewer venture capitalists investing at the early stage, the equity funding gap between individual angel investment and venture capital has grown dramatically. […]

Cloud Computing – Final Report – GAP Task Force May 2011

This report details the discussions of the GAP Task Force on Cloud Computing – a cross-disciplinary group established in 2010 by public policy network Global Access Partners (GAP) in collaboration with the Australian Government’s Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE). The group was conceived following the Technology Foresight Forum “Cloud Computing: The […]

Measuring ICT-led Business Innovation - ABS March 2011

Measuring ICT-led Business Innovation – ABS March 2011

This research investigates the hypothesis that there is a relationship between the intensity of the use of information and communications technology (ICT) by businesses, and innovation. Innovation refers to product, process, organisational and marketing innovations, as defined in the OECD Guidelines for Collecting and Interpreting Innovation Data (2005). To estimate the relationship between business ICT […]

New Guideline National Innovation Strategy Documents Released by OECD

The world today faces significant economic, environmental and social challenges. While no single policy instrument holds all the answers, innovation is the key ingredient of any effort to improve people’s quality of life. Today’s recovery from the global financial and economic crisis remains fragile. As countries seek to improve productivity performance and ensure sustained growth, […]

Telstra Productivity through ICT

Productivity through ICT – ACIL Tasman Telstra January 2009

Australia’s current productivity performance is average among OECD countries. In the last four decades, Australia’s productivity growth has been lower than in many other OECD countries. After accelerating in the 1990s, Australian productivity growth has since slowed. The United States is still considered to be world’s productivity leader in a ‘technological sense’. In the last […]

ICT as Productivity Driver Telstra Acil Tasman Jan 2009

ICT as a Driver of Productivity – Telstra ACIL Tasman January 2009

ACIL Tasman has been commissioned by Telstra to undertake a review of Australian and international evidence on the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a driver of economic productivity, and to distil the findings of this review into a Productivity White Paper. Australia’s current productivity performance is average among OECD countries. In the […]