NSW Government Procurement: Local Jobs First Plan – June 2009

The NSW Government’s Procurement Policy recognises that value for money is about broader economic benefit and not just the lowest price. The NSW Government acknowledges the substantial economic benefits which flow from buying Australian or New Zealand (ANZ) goods and services and maximising opportunities for local service providers to compete for Government business on the […]

NSW Premiers Job Summit Response April 2009

NSW Premiers Job Summit Response – April 2009

Australia is in the midst of unprecedented economic circumstances. The combined efforts of Government, business, peak bodies and employees are required to face the challenges ahead. In response to deteriorating global economic conditions, the NSW Jobs Summit was held over the 26th and 27th February 2009. Over 250 key business and community leaders, major employers […]

NSW Creative Industry Economic Fundamentals – DSRD October 2008

This report is the companion piece to NSW Creative Industry Insights. It provides the detailed economic fundamentals for the creative industry and for each of its sectors. This particular industry is not well served by comparable and comprehensive data. In developing this evidence base it has been necessary to utilise a range of data sources […]

Australian ICT Companies in Financial Services Mapping – DSRD August 2008

The financial services sector is an industry built around innovation. The highly competitive financial services environment drives constant demand for new technologies that can improve operating efficiencies and deliver continually improving levels of customer service. NSW is home to a wide range of companies that are delivering innovative technology solutions for all aspects of the […]

NSW Technology Firms in Financial Services – DSRD August 2009

Sydney has many strengths that make it a leader in the financial services industry. The city hosts 53 of the 55 authorised deposit-taking banks in Australia, plus all of the 10 foreign subsidiary banks and all of the 31 local branches of foreign banks. Sydney is the head office location of the Reserve Bank of […]

2008 Innovation in the NSW Freight & Logistics Industry

Report: 2008 Innovation in the NSW Freight & Logistics Industry Jan 2008 This Jan 2008 report from the Air & Sea Freight Councils of NSW discusses innovation in the Freight & Logistics industry, including an analysis of technology trends & opportunities. The report was commissioned in response to the NSW State Government Statement on Innovation […]

Funding Business Growth – A Guide to Raising Capital – NSW DSRD 2006

A Guide to Raising Capital-Getting the right type of funding or capital for business growth can make a big difference to the success of your business. This guide gives an overview of the basics of raising capital. The most common reasons for raising capital include working capital for growth, acquisitions, new product, service or market […]

Sydney Metropolitan Strategy – NSW Government 2006

The Sydney Metropolitan Strategy is a broad framework to secure Sydney’s place in the global economy by promoting and managing growth. It is a strategic document that outlines a vision for Sydney over the next 25 years; the challenges we face, and the directions we will follow to address these challenges and achieve the vision. […]