NSW Tertiary Education Plan – NSW Government August 2010

Our overall objective is to support high quality tertiary education, made available to a greater number and wider range of people in NSW. The Plan sets out six strategic priorities for better aligning the tertiary education sector with the State’s priorities for economic and social development. The priorities and their supporting directions have been informed […]

NSW Government Cloud Services Policy and Guidelines – NSW DFS August 2013

The NSW Government ICT Strategy recognises that a strategic approach to the use of cloud services will provide opportunities to achieve better value ICT investment and improve service capability. Government’s shift to a service orientation will take advantage of the increasing commoditisation of ICT and the rapidly developing cloud computing industry. Public sector ICT investment […]

NSW Government Industry Action Plan Response – NSW T&I Dec 2012

The Government announced its intention to develop action plans for key sectors of the economy in September 2011. The initial sectors of focus are digital economy, international education and research, manufacturing, and professional services. The plans were developed by industry led Taskforces, and are informed by comprehensive consultations with businesses, industry peak bodies and communities […]

NSW Professional Services Industry Taskforce Action Plan – NSW T&I September 2012

Emerging economies are improving their skills and capabilities and, coupled with their lower cost base, are increasing their competitive position in the professional services industry. If NSW wants to continue to compete with these and other established competitors, we will need to address some of the challenges facing the industry and pursue the opportunities that […]

Draft Digital Economy Action Plans – NSW Government June 2012

Industry Action Plans are an important element of NSW 2021, the Government’s 10 year strategic plan. The decade to 2021 will present both opportunities and challenges for our cities, towns, businesses and communities. For example, our position in an increasingly connected global economy, with fluid markets and consumer demand, advances in new technology, and a […]

NSW Government ICT Strategy May 2012

NSW Government ICT Strategy – May 2012

The NSW Government is putting the citizen at the centre of decision making and transforming the way it provides services. NSW residents are tech savvy and they expect their Government to move with the times, providing the services they need in the ways they need them. Whether it is through one stop shops or whole […]

Strategic Serendipity – Northern Sydney Technology Clustering Study

23rd Sept 2011. The Australian Business Foundation with support from Macquarie University and NSW Trade and Investment, has released an updated research piece on successful industry clustering in Australia. The study focused on the Northern Sydney Technology Corridor. Click here to download the report. “Look at the big glass boxes on Waterloo Road,” says author […]

Suppliers Perception of Corruption – ICAC June 2011

About two-fifths of suppliers to NSW state and local government perceive corruption in public sector procurement to be a moderate problem or worse. Such perceptions may lead to suppliers pricing corruption into their bids or not bidding at all, and almost one-third of suppliers indicated that they had declined to bid on a government contract […]

NSW Run With This Election Priorities - AiGroup February 2011

NSW Run With This Election Priorities – AiGroup February 2011

This election presents NSW with the chance for a fresh start and the opportunity for the next Government to address the state’s chronic underperformance. NSW has recorded an average annual growth rate in Gross State Product (GSP) of just 1.8% (since 2001). This is around half the level of growth experienced across the rest of […]