NSW Tertiary Education Plan – NSW Government August 2010

Our overall objective is to support high quality tertiary education, made available to a greater number and wider range of people in NSW. The Plan sets out six strategic priorities for better aligning the tertiary education sector with the State’s priorities for economic and social development. The priorities and their supporting directions have been informed […]

NSW Government Cloud Services Policy and Guidelines – NSW DFS August 2013

The NSW Government ICT Strategy recognises that a strategic approach to the use of cloud services will provide opportunities to achieve better value ICT investment and improve service capability. Government’s shift to a service orientation will take advantage of the increasing commoditisation of ICT and the rapidly developing cloud computing industry. Public sector ICT investment […]

Draft Digital Economy Action Plans – NSW Government June 2012

Industry Action Plans are an important element of NSW 2021, the Government’s 10 year strategic plan. The decade to 2021 will present both opportunities and challenges for our cities, towns, businesses and communities. For example, our position in an increasingly connected global economy, with fluid markets and consumer demand, advances in new technology, and a […]

Corruption Risks - Recommendations to NSW Government - ICAC June 2011

Corruption Risks – Recommendations to NSW Government – ICAC June 2011

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has identified procurement as a major risk area for corruption in the NSW public sector. Each year, approximately 12% of complaints received by the ICAC include allegations of corruption in NSW government procurement and approximately 30% of our public inquiries make findings of corrupt conduct related to NSW government […]

Suppliers Perception of Corruption – ICAC June 2011

About two-fifths of suppliers to NSW state and local government perceive corruption in public sector procurement to be a moderate problem or worse. Such perceptions may lead to suppliers pricing corruption into their bids or not bidding at all, and almost one-third of suppliers indicated that they had declined to bid on a government contract […]

NSW Government Procurement: Local Jobs First Plan – June 2009

The NSW Government’s Procurement Policy recognises that value for money is about broader economic benefit and not just the lowest price. The NSW Government acknowledges the substantial economic benefits which flow from buying Australian or New Zealand (ANZ) goods and services and maximising opportunities for local service providers to compete for Government business on the […]

NSW Premiers Job Summit Response April 2009

NSW Premiers Job Summit Response – April 2009

Australia is in the midst of unprecedented economic circumstances. The combined efforts of Government, business, peak bodies and employees are required to face the challenges ahead. In response to deteriorating global economic conditions, the NSW Jobs Summit was held over the 26th and 27th February 2009. Over 250 key business and community leaders, major employers […]

Sydney Metropolitan Strategy – NSW Government 2006

The Sydney Metropolitan Strategy is a broad framework to secure Sydney’s place in the global economy by promoting and managing growth. It is a strategic document that outlines a vision for Sydney over the next 25 years; the challenges we face, and the directions we will follow to address these challenges and achieve the vision. […]

NSW State Government Plan – Consultation Draft 2006

The purpose of this document is to allow local communities and other stakeholders to provide the NSW Government with their views on the long term priorities facing NSW State Government. The title, A New Direction for NSW, reflects the fact that this process presents an opportunity to set new directions for policy and service delivery […]