A Guide To Australia’s National Security Capability – AGs August 2013

Significant advances have been made in recent years to build greater collaboration and interoperability across the national security community. However, the increasing complexity of national security threats requires an even more consistent and connected approach to capability planning that complements existing individual agency arrangements. To that end, the Government has developed a security classified National […]

Australian Defence White Paper – DoD May 2013

One of the fundamental responsibilities of any Australian Government is to protect and defend our people and protect and enhance our national security interests. This requires making complex strategic judgements about risks and opportunities in the international strategic environment. It means providing for an effective and efficiently run Australian Defence Force which is able to […]

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Strong & Secure – Australia’s National Security Strategy

Australia’s first National Security Strategy highlights the dramatic economic and strategic shift towards the Asia-Pacific region and provides a blueprint for national security over the next decade. Complementing the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper, the National Security Strategy will ensure Australia takes advantage of the opportunities of the Asian Century whilst focussing national […]

Collaboration in National Security Arena: Myths and Realities – Cabayan June 2009

The purpose of this compendium of white papers is to explore various perspectives on the state of the art in our understanding of collaboration, including insights on the key factors that influence the who, what, when, where, and how of this topic. Collaboration traditionally refers to multiple people or organizations working towards common goals, but […]

The Street AFP National Security Interoperability Review – Street March 2008

We present the Committee’s Review of the AFP’s national security operations and the effect of the interaction between the AFP and Its national security agency partners in carrying out such operations. The Committee would like to thank all the Australian and international agencies that participated in this review and acknowledge the spirit of cooperation and […]

Australian National Security Industry Directory – January 2007

Australian national security management and protection cannot be underestimated due to the role of Australian Government. All levels of government are involved in planning and the response to any threat within our borders. Protection ranges from intelligence gathering both in Australia and overseas through to management of critical infrastructure. The Attorney General’s Department defines critical […]