NBN Independent Review – Exec Summary of Caliburn Report Released

14th Feb 2011. The Australian Government today released an independent assessment of NBN Co’s Corporate Plan which reviewed NBN Co’s key assumptions for the National Broadband Network (NBN). Only the executive summary has been released, a brief, 6 page document. Click here to read the report Press commentary of the report is mixed: “Caliburn report […]

Federal Government NBN Statement of Expectations – December 2010

The Governments central NBN objectives are to deliver significant improvement in broadband service quality to all Australians, address the lack of high speed broadband in Australia, particularly outside of metropolitan areas, and reshape the telecommunications sector. The Government recognises that access to affordable, high speed broadband is essential to the way Australians communicate and do […]

National Broadband Network – NBN Co “Full” Business Plan Released

22nd Dec 2010. Detailed financial and operational information regarding the NBN was released today in NBN Co’s Corporate Plan, which incorporates forecasts covering a 30-year period. The plan also assumes the successful conclusion of a deal with Telstra. NBN Co today said it expects to produce an internal rate of return of 7% per annum […]

NBN Business Expectations Report by Access Economics Released by Macquarie Telecom

3rd Dec 2010. The Australian Government has allocated up to $43 billion for the provision of a national broadband network (NBN), providing Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) for 93% of Australian homes and businesses with minimum speeds of 100Mbps. This report, written by Access Economics and comissioned by Macquarie Telecom is a survey of Australian […]

NBN Business Case Summary Released

25th Nov 2010. The Australian government has released a non-confidential summary of the business case for the Australian National Broadband Network after pressure from independent senators. Whilst devoid of any detailed information, the 36 page summary has secured the support of the independent senators to pass the Telstra separation bill this week in the Senate, […]

ACCC Advice on NBN Points of Interconnect – ACCC November 2010

This paper has been developed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in response to a request from the government for the ACCC and NBN Co Limited (NBN Co) to undertake a process, including public consultation, to seek to agree upon the number and location of initial Points of Interconnect (POI) for the National […]

AI Group Backs NBN and Releases Innovation Report – New Thinking New Directions

Click here to download the report: 2010 Innovation Review New Thinking Directions Report AI Group Oct 2010 The Australian Industry Group today welcomed the New Thinking, New Directions Report by the National Innovation Review Steering Group (the Steering Group). The Steering Group was set up by Ai Group in mid 2010 and comprised representatives from […]

NBN Fibre Product Overview – August 2010

The release of NBN Co’s product description represents the culmination of an extensive industry engagement program on NBN Co’s fibre product. As a wholesale only provider, NBN Co has been keen to engage with industry to understand the industry’s product requirements. NBN Co has been actively engaging with access seekers (Access Seekers) since its inception. […]

NBN Satellite Product Overview – August 2010

NBN Co Satellite Access Service (NSAS) is a wholesale Ethernet access product suite utilising third generation broadband satellite technology to enable high speed connectivity access for all Australians, including businesses. The purpose of releasing this Satellite Product Overview is to obtain direct feedback from the industry on the proposed design of the Satellite Access Products. […]

NBN Wireless Product Overview – August 2010

NBN Co Wireless Access Service (NWAS) is a wholesale, ‘Emulated Layer 2’ Ethernet Access product suite that utilises 4th generation wireless access technology to deliver high-speed broadband connectivity for Australian homes and businesses. NWAS provides Access Seekers with an Ethernet access solution from the NBN Co Point of Interconnect (POI) to the End User interfaces […]