The Potential for Cloud Computing Services in Australia – Lateral Economics and Macquarie Telecom

12th Oct 2011. This report, by Nicholas Gruen from Lateral Economics and commissioned by Macquarie Telecom looks into the Australian cloud computing services environment. According to the report, ‘Australia’s opportunity is to develop a world-leading regime – a better, not equal, cloud ecosystem.’ Click here to view/download the report The report ties in with the launch […]

NBN – Broadening the Debate – Final Report from the Inquiry into the Role and Potential of the National Broadband Network

10th Aug 2011. This report, from the Australian government House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications, examines the impact of the proposed National Broadband Network being implemented by the Australian Government. This report seeks to contribute significantly to the national conversation by broadening the debate and the Committee greatly valued the many considered […]

Cloud Computing Strategy - AGIMO April 2011

Cloud Computing Strategy – AGIMO April 2011

The rapid growth in the availability of cloud services and high speed broadband connectivity, such as provided by the National Broadband Network (NBN), present opportunities and challenges to all levels of government in Australia in delivering services to individuals and industry. Cloud computing is a new way of delivering computing resources, not a new technology. […]

Hawker Britton Report on the rollout of Australia’s NBN

The NBN is a significant initiative undertaken by the Australian Federal Government in partnership with the private sector. It represents an historic investment in Australia’s infrastructure. This paper provides a good background into the progress of Australia’s NBN – from its annoucement in April 2009, to the publication of the paper in early 2011. Included […]

Australian Government National Broadband Network Inquiry – Industry Submissions

15th March 2011. The National Broadband Network inquiry undertaken by the Australian Government House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications in Canberra, which is due to report by the end of August 2011, called for industry submissions as part of the process. This inquiry is focused on how the NBN will be utilised […]

Connecting Communities – NBN Huawei Williams Report February 2011

Connecting Communities is an independent review of the impact of broadband on communities in Britain and its implications for Australia. Commissioned by Huawei Australia and undertaken by former UK government advisor Dr. Tim Williams, the report is for non-techies by a non-techie. Fast broadband and its impact are too significant to be left to geeks […]