Cyber Security Intelligence Index IBM June 2013

Cyber Security Intelligence Index – IBM June 2013

Cyber Security – In a world where a week rarely goes by without reports of at least one serious cyber attack against a major organization, it’s important to ask a few key questions: What’s happening across the threat landscape? What kinds of attacks are being launched? How many of those attacks result in incidents requiring […]

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Monetising Mobile Payments Value Chain – KPMG July 2011

Everybody wants to talk about mobile payments and banking. And no wonder: the heady combination of increasingly sophisticated mobile devices, banking services and payment options offers banks the opportunity to gain market share, tap into new revenue streams and reduce their overall cost to serve customers. Customers, too, are looking ahead to the potential of […]

Impacts of Teleworking under the NBN - July 2010

Impacts of Teleworking under the NBN – Access Economics July 2010

Access Economics has been commissioned by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy to undertake an analysis of the benefits of teleworking, including a broad quantitative assessment of the benefits of teleworking. The term ‘teleworking’ is used broadly to refer to any work that is conducted outside of the designated place of business. […]

Global Overview of Mobile Commerce Developments – OECD January 2007

Mobile commerce (m-commerce) can be understood as a business model that allows a consumer to complete all steps of a commercial transaction using a mobile phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) rather than by going to a “bricks and mortar” store or making voice calls. Transactions involving the purchase of physical goods, such as books, […]