Zero To Eight Young Children Internet Use – UK LSE August 2013

EU Kids Online has spent seven years investigating 9-16 year olds’ engagement with the internet, focusing on the benefits and risks of children’s internet use. While this meant examining the experiences of much younger children than had been researched before EU Kids Online began its work in 2006, there is now a critical need for […]

Disruptive Technologies Transforming Life Business Economy – McKinsey May 2013

Technology is moving so quickly, and in so many directions, that it becomes challenging to even pay attention – we are victims of “next new thing” fatigue. Yet technology advancement continues to drive economic growth and, in some cases, unleash disruptive change. Economically disruptive technologies – like the semiconductor microchip, the Internet, or steam power […]

Australian Cyber Crime and Security Survey Report 2012 - Cert Jan 2013

Australian Cyber Crime and Cyber Security Survey Report 2012 – CERT Jan 2013

The Australian Government takes cyber security very seriously. CERT Australia stands at the forefront of the Australian Government’s support to businesses in best preparing it to defend against cyber attacks on their systems and networks – attacks that can affect us all. Australia’s way of life is now integrally linked with the internet. The internet […]

Full OECD Internet ICT Outlook 2012 – Sept 2012

The Internet is now a fundamental infrastructure supporting the economy and is firmly in its 2nd stage of development, having evolved from a data network connecting PCs with wires to a much broader network of new portable devices from mobile phones to tablet computers. It is also on the cusp of a much larger expansion […]

Comparing 10 Jurisdictions - Government access to data in the cloud

Comparing 10 Jurisdictions – Government access to data in the cloud – Hogan Lovells May 2012

Data in the cloud is revolutionizing the way companies use information technology. Cloud service providers make it possible for businesses and consumer users across the globe to access services via the Internet, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. That’s why Cloud computing continues to grow. As Cloud computing adoption by business has increased, some people have […]

Impact of Convergence Review Norton Rose May 2012

Impact of Convergence Review – Norton Rose May 2012

On 30 April 2012, the Final Report of the Australian Convergence Review Committee was handed down. The Review is one of the most ambitious and far reaching convergence reviews yet undertaken by any industrialised country in the world. The Report proposes substantive changes to Australia’s media, telecommunications, Internet, and content regulatory landscape. For example: The […]

Review of the Interactive Gambling Act2001 Interim Report May 2012

Review of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 – Interim Report – DBCDE May 2012

The Interactive Gambling Act aims to minimise the scope for problem gambling online among Australians by limiting the provision of online gambling services to Australians through interactive technologies such as the internet. Under the IGA, it is an offence to provide certain interactive gambling services to customers physically located in Australia. This offence, which carries […]

FCC Investigation Into Google Street View Hacking – April 2012

Between May 2007 and May 2010, as part of it’s Street View project, Google Inc. collected data from Wi-Fi networks throughout the United States and around the world. The purpose of Google’s Wi-Fi data collection initiative was to capture information about Wi-Fi networks that the Company could use to help establish users’ locations and provide […]

Media Convergence Review – Final Report – Glen Boreham DBCDE April 2012

Australia’s media landscape is changing rapidly. Today Australians have access to a greater range of communications and media services than ever before. Developments in technology and increasing broadband speeds have led to the emergence of innovative services not previously imagined. It is now possible to access traditional communications and broadcasting services in new ways, such […]