Innovation Review – Google Submission – May 2008

Google welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission as part of the Review of the National Innovation System. In this submission, we provide: an overview of Google’s activities; an explanation of why Google believes that an open Internet is a key enabler of  innovation in Australia; comment on the issues of key importance in preserving […]

Innovation Review – Michael Johnson and Associates – Submission Apr 2008

Michael Johnson & Associates (MJA) applauds the Federal Government’s initiative in undertaking a comprehensive Review of the National Innovation System (the Review). As a consultancy that has worked in the innovation space for the past 25 years, we recognise the critical role innovation plays in our economy and a holistic consideration of how an Australian […]

Innovation Review – KCA Submission – April 2008

This submission is made on behalf of the members of Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA). They represent the organisational units that provide outreach services for the majority of Australia’s universities and some from the public research sector and service providers. The submission focuses upon technological innovations and the pathways to commercialisation from public sector R&D suppliers, […]

2008 Innovation Review Innovation Research Network Submission Apr 2008

Innovation Review – Innovation Research Network Submission – April 2008

The Innovation Research Network shares the views of the Minister for Innovation, Science, Industry and Research and of the Expert Panel conducting the Innovation Review that, when it comes to innovation, “there are few subjects more central and fundamental to Australia’s economic, social and environmental future.” Innovation is central to national economic competitiveness and social […]

2008 Innovation Review CSIRO Submission Apr 2008

Innovation Review – CSIRO Submission – April 2008

Australia’s innovation system has evolved over the past century in response to many different drivers and policy initiatives. Our innovation system has now become complex – overly so – and fragmented – significantly so – at a time when there is need for cohesion, coherence and urgency. Equally, it has become internally competitive at a […]

2008 Innovation Review CRC Patial Info Submission Apr 2008

Innovation Review – CRC Spatial Information – Submission April 2008

The Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) concurs with the generally-held view that Australians are very good at applying and implementing new ideas and new technologies but are substantially less so at early stage innovation and entrepreneurship. The CRCSI believes that it is in Australia’s best interests to actively work to overcome these weaknesses. […]


Innovation Review – Open Source Industry Submission – April 2008

In our view, “innovation” is not an end in itself. Innovation is means to an end, that end being a better life for Australians. An undue focus on innovation preferences the means over the end – an issue foreshadowed in the discussion of the Triple Bottom Line in the call for submissions. For example, a […]

2008 Innovation Review UNSW Submission Apr 2008

Innovation Review – UNSW Submission – April 2008

The University of New South Wales welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the Review of Australia’s National Innovation System to the Expert Panel. This is a response to the “Review of the National Innovation System: A call for submissions” and makes practical recommendations to address these from a University research perspective. It is […]