Australian Government Digital Economy Futures Consultation

1 Aug 2009. Advancing Australia’s digital economy requires action by government, industry and the community. The Australia’s Digital Economy: Future Directions paper identifies the key areas of focus to maximise the benefit of the digital economy for all Australians. The report was built through a consultation process with 110 submissions a selection of which are included […]

2009 Rudd Government Response to Cutler Innovation Report

13th May 2009.  After months of delay, the government responds the the landmark Cutler report on innovation, Venturous Australia. The vision is lost, the programs abound, & it is full of political speak to justify its “bitty” response of limited vision. To show how/where the money is to be spent the departments budget papers are […]

Innovation - Making Hard Decisions in the Downturn BCG Apr 2009

Innovation: Making Hard Decisions in the Downturn – BCG April 2009

The results of our latest annual survey on corporate innovation shed light on a range of topics central to the pursuit of innovation in 2009, including the one foremost on people’s minds: the current economic crisis. What impact will it have on companies’ objectives, strategies, and tactics? What will it mean for innovation investment, a […]

Innovation in Payments – Edgar Dunn APCA March 2009

The Board of APCA established the Card Payments Forum as a means of promoting industry-based and non-regulatory initiatives, for the promotion of competition with minimal regulatory overlay. APCA has commissioned Edgar, Dunn & Company (EDC) to prepare this Discussion Paper on innovation in retail payment systems in advance of the next Card Forum meeting to […]

Broadband Infrastructure and Economic Growth – Nina Czernich February 2009

High-speed internet access via broadband infrastructure has developed rapidly worldwide since the late 1990s. Broadband infrastructure allows the generation and distribution of decentralized information and ideas in markets increasingly relying on information as an input. In light of modern theories of endogenous growth, this should accelerate economic growth by facilitating the development and adoption of […]

OECD Science Technology Industry Outlook Highlights – October 2008

Until recently, the global context for innovation activities, not only in science technology industry, has been favourable. OECD investment in R&D climbed to USD 818 billion in 2006, up from USD 468 billion in 1996. Gross domestic expenditure on R&D (GERD) grew by 4.6% annually (in real terms) between 1996 and 2001, but growth slowed […]

Biotechnology Intellectual Property Management Manual – Sprusons 2008

Biotechnology is a strategic and fast growing industry in Australia and across the world. In 2008, Australia is home to over 400 biotech firms with total annual revenues of over $3 billion. By 2010, Victoria aims to be among the top five locations for biotechnology worldwide. Victoria is a national leader in science, technology and […]

Towards a European Software Industry Strategy – Intellect October 2008

Software is everywhere. This is one reason why the sector as a whole is not easy to be appreciated. In Europe, software has recently gained recognition as being vital for innovation, competitiveness, sustainable growth, welfare and high quality jobs creation. This paper focuses on packaged software as opposed to custom software that should be dealt […]

Creative Industries in Healthcare – QUT October 2008

This study adopted a two‑pronged approach to investigate the contribution of Australia’s creative capability in assisting the healthcare system to provide health goods and services and to meet its challenges through innovation and change. First, we examined the census data for creative occupations within the healthcare system. Because the census data reveal only certain parts […]

Innovation Review – AIIA comment on Culter report – September 2008

On behalf of its membership, AIIA congratulates the Innovation Review panel on a comprehensive and timely report into Australia’s innovation ecosystem. Venturous Australia provides a refreshingly holistic approach to innovation and in our view has identified many of the key levers for building Australia’s innovation strengths into the future. Many firms in the ICT sector are […]