Australia ranks 23rd in 2012 Global Innovation Index

The Global Innovation Index is a joint initiative of INSEAD (The Business School for the World) and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) and has established itself as a valuable benchmarking tool to facilitate, on a global level, a public-private dialogue that allows business leaders and other stakeholders to continually evaluate progress. The Index relies on […]

Cultural Industries Innovation – Urban Informatics – ABF Foth March 2012

Concept of urban informatics looks at how cultural and creative institutions such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums can leverage these new developments to create greater opportunities for knowledge, democratisation, individual and community engagement and innovation for creative industries and practices. The fellowship paper explores the concept of urban informatics which covers how knowledge is […]

Cloud as a driver of business model innovation – IBM report

To determine how organisations use currently use cloud, and how they plan to use it in the future, IBM and the Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 572 businesses and technology executives across the globe. The survey showed that relatively few organisations are actively embracing the benefits of the cloud to drive business model innovation. There is […]

Global Cloud Computing Score Card Released – Business Software Alliance (BSA)

7th March 2012. In small and large enterprises as well as government offices around the world, one thing has become perfectly clear: Cloud computing marks the next contribution that software and computing technologies will make toward greater productivity and expanded economic growth. Click here to read/download the report. Australia scores second highest, at 79.2, after […]

Competitive Manufacturing - Skills and Talent

Competitive Manufacturing – Skills and Talent – AiGroup Feb 2012

The manufacturing sector is strategically important to the Victorian economy as a source of jobs, exports, investments, innovation, and research and development. Despite its declining share of national and state output, manufacturing remains the second-largest sector in the Victorian economy. The starting point for this research report, prepared by the Australian Industry Group in partnership […]

Consumer Data Privacy in a Networked World: A US framework for the global Digital Economy

In order to maximise the social and economic benefits offered by networked technologies, public trust is essential. When the public is confident that companies will handle personal information responsibly, they will turn to the internet to express their creativity, join political movements, form and maintain friendships, and engage in commerce. In the United States, a […]

Business Model Innovation in Australia ABF DSK Jan 2012

Business Model Innovation in Australia – ABF DSK Jan 2012

A business model is how a firm creates value for customers, partners and itself. It is the firm’s answer to the questions: what to produce, for whom and how to make money doing so. Some people call this the business recipe, and in the past it was often the case that most firms in an […]

Londons Digital Economy GLA Intelligence Unit Jan 2012

London’s Digital Economy – GLA Intelligence Unit Jan 2012

Supporting London’s preeminent position are its complementary strengths in finance and business services, and London’s role as the creative capital and global media centre. This provides many opportunities for the cross-pollination of ideas and innovation bolstered by London’s world-class universities, highly-skilled workforce attracted by the city’s energy and culture, and a competitive business environment. New […]

World IP Report - Changing Face of Innovation - WIPRO 2011

World Intellectual Property Report – Changing Face of Innovation – WIPRO 2011

In modern market economies, innovation is a key ingredient of sustained economic growth. In high-income countries, studies have estimated that innovation accounts for as much as 80 percent of economy-wide growth in productivity. Research at the firm level has shown that firms that innovate outperform their non-innovating peers. Less is known about innovation and its […]