Directory of Australian Innovation Researchers – DIISR March 2013

The Department of Innovation, Industry, Science, Research and Tertiary Education seeks to build and sustain links with academics and researchers with an interest in Innovation Research and/or Innovation Policy. As part of this process, the Department has developed a community of academics and researchers working, or interested, in the field of innovation theory and practice. […]

National Survey of Research Commercialisation (NSRC) 2003-2004 – Case Studies – August 2007

The National Survey of Research Commercialisation (NSRC) for 2003 and 2004 provides quantitative information on the commercial application of research carried out in Australian universities and other publicly funded research bodies. The survey, first conducted for the year 2000 and again for 2001 and 2002, is intended to provide insights into the major areas of […]

Economic Aspects of Computer Aided Automation – DCITA May 2007

This aim of this report is to discuss certain economic aspects of computer aided automation and highlight associated issues relevant to education and innovation policy in Australia. The report presents statistics and other empirical observations from Australia and abroad. Data on sectoral productivity growth suggests that some of the most significant contributions of information and […]

Innovation and the Knowledge Economy – ABF May 2006

Innovation is a key issue for both corporate managers and public policy makers because it jointly determines the business performance of firms and the path of economic development. The argument presented in this paper is that business challenges and policy issues intersect. The aim is to explore how innovation happens, the importance of innovation for […]