Future electronic payments study – DCITA Edgar Dunn June 2006

A well-functioning economy depends on effective and efficient methods for businesses to pay employees, suppliers and investors, for households to purchase goods and services, and for governments to collect taxes and make payments. The increasing adoption of information technology by businesses and households is broadening the choice of payments methods by creating the opportunity to […]

Global Information Economy Report (Highlights) – WITSIA May 2006

Global Information Economy Report WITSIA – Total information and communications technology will continue the growth path that began slowly in 2002. Global economic growth will support continuous ICT spending growth at least through 2009 as shown in Report. From the trough of $US 2.1 trillion in 2001, total ICT spending will increase to $US 3.9 trillion […]

Social Impact Mobile Phones in Australia DCITA Apr 2005

Social Impact of Mobile Phones in Australia – DCITA April 2005

More and more mobile phones are in use in Australia and are having a pervasive impact on Australian society. Because of this, there is a general and growing interest in industry, academia and government in the social impact of mobile phones usage on the people and institutions of Australia—from public policy, economic and social impact […]

2003 Origins of Indian Software Industry Dossani Stanford 2003

Origins of Indian Software Industry – Dossani Stanford 2003

India’s software industry is one of the world’s successful information technology industries. Begun in 1974, it employed 345,000 persons in 2004 and earned revenue of $12.2 bn, equal to 3.3% of global software services spending. This paper’s object is to explain the industry’s origins, growth and sustainability. As we shall show, the industry originated under […]

BITS Incubator Program Evaluation – Allen Consulting DCITA November 2003

The BITS Incubator Program is part of a commitment by the Australian Government to build on Australia’s information technology strengths, with funding of $78m over four years to June 2004. The BITS Incubator Program supports business incubators that help entrepreneurs turn their technology and ideas into successful and competitive businesses. The BITS Intelligent Island Program […]

Freight & Logistics – Case for Adoption of Open Data Standards – DCITA October 2003

In order for businesses to function they need to manage information internally and exchange information with trading partners. While in the past this has largely been done by telephone, fax and paper-based systems, modern business increasingly relies on information technology and computer networks. The advantages of using information technology tools are undeniable and their use […]

New South Wales BioFirst Biotechnology Strategy – NSW Premiers 2001

Like the Information Technology (IT) revolution of the 1990s its impact will be broad, potentially affecting many aspects of everyday life. Healthcare, agricultural production and environmental remediation are all areas where biotechnology can bring substantial benefits. In addition, the expansion of biotechnology industries will be important in securing high growth in the NSW economy. Government […]

Information Technology - Sink or Swim ATSE Dec 1997

Information Technology: Sink or Swim – ATSE December 1997

Information Technology (IT) is belatedly being recognised in government and industry circles in Australia as the dominant engine for productivity improvement and business opportunities for enterprises in the 21st Century and a key factor for generating future employment. Indeed the convergence of computing and communications as manifested in the Internet means that much commerce in […]