Queensland Government IT 5 Year Strategy – July 2013

The Queensland Government ICT Strategy 2013-17 delivers a vision for the future that incorporates the lessons from the past. Developed with significant consultation and engagement from a broad cross section of the ICT industry, non-government and the community sector, this strategy addresses the real issues. “Our aim is to improve the lives of Queenslanders by […]

Snapshot of Australias Digital Future to 2050 – Ruthven IBM June 2012

We have begun the digital future entering the second stage of the Infotronics Age, which began with the rapid growth of new service industries and the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Revolution in the mid-1960s. This second stage could be termed a hyper digital era, such is the combined power of ICT enhanced with ubiquitous […]

Draft Information and Communication Technology Strategic Vision v2.0 – Australian Government AGIMO 2011

Information and communication technology (ICT) has profoundly changed almost all aspects of society. It is now central to how people communicate, interact, make decisions and do business. This includes the way governments operate and deliver services. ICT plays a key role in social and economic transformation. It makes possible the transformation of government services, its […]

ICT as Productivity Driver Telstra Acil Tasman Jan 2009

ICT as a Driver of Productivity – Telstra ACIL Tasman January 2009

ACIL Tasman has been commissioned by Telstra to undertake a review of Australian and international evidence on the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a driver of economic productivity, and to distil the findings of this review into a Productivity White Paper. Australia’s current productivity performance is average among OECD countries. In the […]

2003 Selling to Fed Govt - A guide for SMEs AIIA ACS DCITA

Selling ICT to Federal Government – A guide for SMEs – AIIA ACS DCITA 2003

Selling anything to the Australian Government is challenging – selling Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is particularly competitive. There is considerable evidence to suggest that a large number of SMEs have long standing and successful relationships with Australian Government agencies. This is evident in the Department of Finance and Administration data that indicates over 60 […]

ICT Exports – Connecting With Asia’s Tech Future – DFAT 2002

A new complementarity is emerging between Australia and East Asia in the information and communication technology, ICT, industry. Australia is a competitive producer and exporter of specialised, high value ICT equipment, tailored software and ICT services while developed and developing East Asia specialises in mass produced, labour intensive ICT equipment production. East Asia’s ICT services […]

Report into the Commercialisation of Publicly Funded R&D – AIIA September 2002

The roadmap identifies the policies, strategies and mechanisms applied in Australia to commercialise publicly funded research and development (R&D). It looks at the success of these measures through a number of case studies and recommends specific issues that need to be addressed to improve the commercialisation process. The roadmap was developed through consultation with a […]