Information Economy Strategy

Information Economy Strategy Released by the UK Government June 2013

This new UK Government Information Economy Strategy sets out a plan for government and industry to continue to work together to promote the success of the UK information economy sector. Its main themes are: a strong, innovative information economy sector exporting UK excellence to the world UK businesses across the economy making smart use of […]

Directory of Australian Innovation Researchers – DIISR March 2013

The Department of Innovation, Industry, Science, Research and Tertiary Education seeks to build and sustain links with academics and researchers with an interest in Innovation Research and/or Innovation Policy. As part of this process, the Department has developed a community of academics and researchers working, or interested, in the field of innovation theory and practice. […]

ABS Statistics on the Australian Venture Capital and Private Equity Industry 2013

Venture capital and later stage private equity is high risk capital directed towards businesses with prospects of rapid growth and/or high rates of returns. Australian Venture Capital and Private Equity Industry. It is an investment not only of money, but also of skills and time. This publication presents information on both financial and non-financial contributions […]

Smart Digital Connected – Business Participation in the Digital Economy Neilsen Alcatel Lucent Report

20th Feb 2012. Smart.Digital.Connected provides a benchmark for how Australian organisations are engaging in the future digital economy, harnessing emerging communications tools. On behalf of Alcatel-Lucent, Australia, Nielsen surveyed 275 medium (20-200 staff) to large organisations (200 staff and greater) from a wide range of industry sectors. The report highlights the broad influence of digital […]

Strategic Serendipity – Northern Sydney Technology Clustering Study

23rd Sept 2011. The Australian Business Foundation with support from Macquarie University and NSW Trade and Investment, has released an updated research piece on successful industry clustering in Australia. The study focused on the Northern Sydney Technology Corridor. Click here to download the report. “Look at the big glass boxes on Waterloo Road,” says author […]

Australia’s Productivity Challenge – Grattan Institute February 2011

Productivity is what a workplace, a business or government agency, an industry, a region or a nation ‘gets’ by way of goods and services for what it ‘puts in’, in terms of labour, capital and other factors of production. Economists (and others) have long recognized that productivity growth is the only sustainable source of improvements […]

NSW Run With This Election Priorities - AiGroup February 2011

NSW Run With This Election Priorities – AiGroup February 2011

This election presents NSW with the chance for a fresh start and the opportunity for the next Government to address the state’s chronic underperformance. NSW has recorded an average annual growth rate in Gross State Product (GSP) of just 1.8% (since 2001). This is around half the level of growth experienced across the rest of […]

Skilling Up for Emerging Technologies - AIGroup February 2010

Skilling Up for Emerging Technologies – AIGroup February 2010

Australian Industry Group’s involvement in the area of skilling for emerging technologies began with the Emerging Technologies Working Group, which produced a Report and Action Plan in 2002. The Action Plan proposed six objectives centred around identifying the cross-industry and technology-specific skills needed to work effectively with emerging technologies; looking at the training system and […]