Innovation Review – Pearcey Roundtable Commentary – September 2008

“The whole essence of innovation is a systems approach to science policy,” said Fitzsimmons in his opening comments. “The Venturous Australia report is an attempt to do that.” Fitzsimmons spoke of various initiatives in the past, such as Tony Benson’s paper in 1999 on the subject, “but somehow these reports were swamped by the new […]

Venturous Australia – Pearcey Oration Cutler September 2008

Today we gather to honour and recognise distinguished Australians for their contributions to the information and communications industry. I congratulate the recipients of this year’s Pearcey Medal and other awards, and commend the Pearcey Foundation for its work in promoting the wider recognition of information and communications technology within Australian industry and society. So it […]

2008 Top 50 ICT Visionaries ACS Aug 2008

Top 50 Technology Visionaries – ACS August 2008

It’s easy to look at a laptop, an iPod, or a laser printer as nothing more than a tool to get work done with or to while away your free time on, but these and many other high-tech devices didn’t fall off a tree. They emerged following years of hard work – and in some […]

2008 Australian ICT Companies in Financial Services Mapping DSRD Aug 2008

Australian ICT Companies in Financial Services Mapping – DSRD August 2008

The financial services sector is an industry built around innovation. The highly competitive financial services environment drives constant demand for new technologies that can improve operating efficiencies and deliver continually improving levels of customer service. NSW is home to a wide range of companies that are delivering innovative technology solutions for all aspects of the […]

2008 ICT Skills Forecasting Report CIER ACS Aug 2008

ICT Skills Forecasting Report – CIER ACS August 2008

There are around 280,000 ICT professionals employed in Australia, with over 60% of those directly employed within the ICT industry, and the balance interacting with the ICT industry from their roles in business, government and academia. The continued, sustainable growth and prosperity of the ICT industry is therefore vital to the continuance of the ICT […]

2008 Digital Eductation Revolutn Strategic Plan Aug 2008

Digital Education Revolution Strategic Plan – August 2008

For more than a decade governments and school communities around Australia have been working to harness the power of information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve educational opportunities, boost outcomes and energise the learning experience. Major investments have been made by state and territory governments and the Commonwealth to roll out infrastructure, develop online resources […]

Policies for Internet Economy – OECD June 2008

The Internet is transforming our economies and societies. It provides an open, decentralised platform for communication, collaboration, innovation, productivity improvement and economic growth. Along with information and communication technologies (ICTs) it promotes closer integration of the global economy and interactions that increase general well-being. As the services it supports become pervasive, ubiquitous and more essential […]

2008 WA Israel High Tech AIIA May 2008

WA Innovation and Business Development Mission to Israel – AIIA May 2008

AIIA is the leading national association representing the Information Communications Technology (ICT) industries in Australia, and was pleased to be a part of the WA Innovation and Business Development Mission to Israel. AIIA would like to formally thank the Department of Industry and Resources (DoIR) for its enthusiastic support for this Mission as well as […]

2008 Review of Australian Governments Use of-ICT Gershon August 2008

Review of Australian Government Use of ICT – Gershon August 2008

On 11 April 2008, the Minister for Finance and Deregulation, the Hon. Lindsay Tanner MP, announced my appointment to lead a review of the Australian Government use of ICT (information and communication technology). In response to the Terms of Reference, I employed an evidence-based approach to the review. There was a need to gain a […]

Innovation Review – Google Submission – May 2008

Google welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission as part of the Review of the National Innovation System. In this submission, we provide: an overview of Google’s activities; an explanation of why Google believes that an open Internet is a key enabler of  innovation in Australia; comment on the issues of key importance in preserving […]