Onshoring IT-enabled Analytics – Swamy ACS 2009

The study is fundamentally about defining a “proactive” IT-enabled Onshoring solution for the Australian ICT community beset by the impending threat of significant Offshoring strategies about to be adopted by Australian companies especially in the banking and financial services area (a partial secondary analysis shows that the top 5 banks and 3 insurance companies are […]

Australian ICT Trade Report Austrade Oct 2009

Australian ICT Trade Report – Austrade October 2009

This report presents findings from Austrade’s inaugural Survey of the International Business Activities of the Australian Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) industry. The objective of the survey was to update Austrade’s current understanding of the capabilities, strategic directions, and international business activities of the Australian ICT industry. Together with existing information on the activities and […]

Teenagers Attitude to ICT Survey – ACS July 2009

The online survey of teenagers was conducted for the ACS by Habbo Australia. Habbo is the world’s most popular virtual world for teenagers and Australia’s most popular online playground with 307,395 unique visitors a month. Habbo currently holds some of the most comprehensive teen research in Australia. The national online survey of 1,820 Australian and […]

2008 Tasmanian ICT Sector Assessment TASICT Feb 2009

Tasmanian ICT Industry Assessment – TASICT 2009

It is well recognised that the ICT industry in Australia is a key productivity enabler for other industries, but direct ICT employment, both in total and relative to other industries, shows that the ICT industry is also a major employer. By the broadest definition, ICT employment accounts for nearly 5.5% of total Full Time Equivalent […]

Telstra Productivity through ICT

Productivity through ICT – ACIL Tasman Telstra January 2009

Australia’s current productivity performance is average among OECD countries. In the last four decades, Australia’s productivity growth has been lower than in many other OECD countries. After accelerating in the 1990s, Australian productivity growth has since slowed. The United States is still considered to be world’s productivity leader in a ‘technological sense’. In the last […]

ICT as Productivity Driver Telstra Acil Tasman Jan 2009

ICT as a Driver of Productivity – Telstra ACIL Tasman January 2009

ACIL Tasman has been commissioned by Telstra to undertake a review of Australian and international evidence on the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a driver of economic productivity, and to distil the findings of this review into a Productivity White Paper. Australia’s current productivity performance is average among OECD countries. In the […]

Presentation on IT Outlook Trends – OECD December 2008

Presentation on IT Outlook Trends OECD December 2008 Global overview: ICT supply side Growth dropped, Q3-Q4 financial markets meltdown and OECD area recession. Grew in all segments in 2008 due to Q1-Q3 growth. Outlook negative for 2009 Turbulence linked with OECD area recession: IT investment is highly cyclical (‘accelerator effect’), consumption hit by ‘wealth effect’, […]

2008 Australian Open Source Industry & Community Report Waug

Australian Open Source Industry and Community Report – Waug 2008

In our interaction with business,government, education and the Open Source industry, we have found a sharp disconnect between the perceptions held by the market, and the reality of Open Source in Australia. We knew that our country has produced some of the world’s most influential Open Source innovators and projects. We knew that clever, home-grown […]

2008 Innovation Review AIIA comment on Culter report Oct 08

Innovation Review – AIIA comment on Culter report – September 2008

On behalf of its membership, AIIA congratulates the Innovation Review panel on a comprehensive and timely report into Australia’s innovation ecosystem. Venturous Australia provides a refreshingly holistic approach to innovation and in our view has identified many of the key levers for building Australia’s innovation strengths into the future. Many firms in the ICT sector are […]

Broadband and the Economy – OECD September 2008

This report examines the way in which broadband networks interact with the economy, the role they play in creating the conditions for sustainable economic growth and prosperity, and the structural changes they enable. Emphasis is put on the economic impacts, in particular on growth, globalisation and employment. Broadband networks are an increasingly integral part of […]