Survey of ICT Multinational Corporations Investment in R&D In Australia – AIIA September 2002

AIIA undertook a survey of multinational corporations (MNC) in order to identify opportunities for increasing the level of high value business activity located in Australia. The survey questions were aimed a gaining a better understanding of multinational trends and dynamics, and in particular the changing role of the multinational subsidiary. The questionnaire was specifically designed […]

Report into the Commercialisation of Publicly Funded R&D – AIIA September 2002

The roadmap identifies the policies, strategies and mechanisms applied in Australia to commercialise publicly funded research and development (R&D). It looks at the success of these measures through a number of case studies and recommends specific issues that need to be addressed to improve the commercialisation process. The roadmap was developed through consultation with a […]

2002 ICT Development in Australia - Policy Review Houghton ACS 2002

ICT Development in Australia – Policy Review – Houghton ACS June 2002

The Commonwealth Government recently established a Broadband Advisory Group and a joint industry-government advisory group to develop an ICT Framework for the Future. The Australian Computer Society (ACS) welcomes these initiatives. As an input to discussions the ACS commissioned a review of policy reports in order to distil and synthesise the key strategic directions and […]

2002 Creative Industries Cluster Study Report Stage 1 DCITA

Creative Industries Cluster Study – Stage 1 – Cutler DCITA May 2002

The purpose of the first stage of the Creative Industries Cluster Study is to undertake a preliminary analysis and mapping of the industries producing digital content and applications identifying the key enterprises, their location and productivity drivers and barriers. The findings of this stage of the study will be used to inform more detailed analysis […]

2001 Breaking the Skills Barrier – Investing in ICT Higher Education CoIE April 2001

Breaking the Skills Barrier: Investing in ICT Higher Education – CoIE April 2001

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industries now have a pervasive role in the Australian economy. All industries have benefited from growth and improvements in ICT, not least traditional industries. ICT is important because it has the capacity to facilitate complementary innovation such as new business processes and work practices. By reducing business costs, these technologies […]

Australia’s ICT Research Base – PMSEIC November 2000

The primary conclusion of the Working Party is that while Australia has been a good user of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) it has not captured the major benefits of being a producer of ICT goods and services. This is demonstrated in Australia’s export and patent performance. There are a number of structural and organisational […]