eHealth Broadband Requirements Literature Review IBES June 2013

eHealth Broadband Requirements Literature Review – IBES June 2013

eHealth Broadband Requirements Literature Review forms the initial work of a joint project between the University of Melbourne and the Australian Centre for Health Innovation. The study is exploring the changes that may be necessary for Victorian healthcare organizations to enable more integrated planning and better coordinated provision of data connectivity arrangements so they can […]

Economic Impact of Human Gene Patents – CIE IP Australia May 2013

As with all patents, there are challenges and trade-offs when temporary exclusive rights are required to spur innovation — isolated human gene sequence patents are no different. There are varying views on the merits of isolated human gene sequence patents. Where proponents claim that patents are crucial to supporting high risk and high cost medical […]

Economic Transformation Through Digital Productivity – Paul Budde May 2013

The world in general, and its institutions and businesses in particular, is facing a significant number of challenges… There will soon be 9 billion people; the environment has problems coping with us; whole business sectors are facing digital disruption; healthcare in western economies could consume 40% of national GDP by 2040; people are more empowered […]

NICTA report: Telemedicine in the context of the NBN

This NICTA study was conducted with the aim of identifying possible opportunities for the advancement of Australian telemedicine with the rollout of the ubiquitous high-speed broadband network. After examining a number of domestic and international case studies and trials, and identifying barriers to telemedicine, the study expected that the NBN will have a critical role […]

Optimising eHealth Value in Australia Booz Allen

10th April 2010. Optimising e-health value – using an investment model to build a foundation for program success. Electronic health (e-health) initiatives that apply information technology to the delivery of healthcare services for patients and management of clinical information are an essential weapon in the battle against the rising costs and other systemic problems in […]

Creative Industries in Healthcare – QUT October 2008

This study adopted a two‑pronged approach to investigate the contribution of Australia’s creative capability in assisting the healthcare system to provide health goods and services and to meet its challenges through innovation and change. First, we examined the census data for creative occupations within the healthcare system. Because the census data reveal only certain parts […]

2005 Impacts of Advances in Medical Technology- Productivity Commission

2005 Impacts of Advances in Medical Technology- Productivity Commission • Advances in medical technology have brought large benefits but have also been a major driver of increased health spending in recent years. – In many cases, increased expenditure on new medical technologies reflects improved treatment and a significant increase in the number of people treated. […]

2004 Australian Healthcare Market for ICT – Frost & Sullivan

2004 Australian Healthcare Market for ICT – Frost & Sullivan The presentation, given to the AIIA Healthcare special interest group, identifies ICT business opportunities in the Australian healthcare sector for SME companies. The total market for healthcare IT in Australia was estimated to be approximately A$1.6 billion (€ 0.99 billion) for the year 2003 (software, […]

Intelectual Property and Biotechnology: A Training Handbook – DFAT December 2001

Biotechnology in one form or another has been part of human development since the dawn of agriculture. Human ingenuity has led to increased production and greater diversity and quality of livestock and varieties of crops. Today’s food crops and domestic animals embody the benefits of many generations of selection and breeding. Biotechnology continues to offer […]