Managing Telecommunications Usage and Expenditure - VIC Auditor General September 2013

Managing Telecommunications Usage and Expenditure – VIC Auditor General September 2013

Telecommunications services, in particular fixed voice and mobile phones, are essential to support the delivery of government services. In 2004, the state executed contracts for the Telecommunications Purchasing and Management Strategy (TPAMS), comprising Telecommunications Carriage Services (TCS) agreements with approved providers. The agreements aim to deliver best value to agencies for fixed voice, mobile and […]

Draft Information and Communication Technology Strategic Vision v2.0 – Australian Government AGIMO 2011

Information and communication technology (ICT) has profoundly changed almost all aspects of society. It is now central to how people communicate, interact, make decisions and do business. This includes the way governments operate and deliver services. ICT plays a key role in social and economic transformation. It makes possible the transformation of government services, its […]

Australian Government Draft ICT Strategic Vision AGIMO Apr 2011

Australian Government Draft ICT Strategic Vision – AGIMO April 2011

Today, the machinery of government depends on ICT. ICT will continue to transform government business and services to meet people’s expectations for better services, and to create a more open Government. Research points to the important role that ICT plays in driving productivity. ICT capital investment has contributed 17.5% of the total Australian productivity improvements […]

Policies for Internet Economy – OECD June 2008

The Internet is transforming our economies and societies. It provides an open, decentralised platform for communication, collaboration, innovation, productivity improvement and economic growth. Along with information and communication technologies (ICTs) it promotes closer integration of the global economy and interactions that increase general well-being. As the services it supports become pervasive, ubiquitous and more essential […]

2002 Australian Govt Use of Information Technology 2002

Australian Government Use of Information and Communication Technology – MAC 2002

Australian Government is committed to providing the best possible services to the community. Achieving this goal is dependent on maximising the effectiveness of policy development and program delivery, planning and budgetary arrangements, decision-making processes, organisational structures, workplace relations and people management. Much reform has been undertaken in these areas and significant gains in performance have […]