Global Cloud Computing Score Card Released – Business Software Alliance (BSA)

7th March 2012. In small and large enterprises as well as government offices around the world, one thing has become perfectly clear: Cloud computing marks the next contribution that software and computing technologies will make toward greater productivity and expanded economic growth. Click here to read/download the report. Australia scores second highest, at 79.2, after […]

OECD Science Technology Industry Outlook Highlights – October 2008

Until recently, the global context for innovation activities, not only in science technology industry, has been favourable. OECD investment in R&D climbed to USD 818 billion in 2006, up from USD 468 billion in 1996. Gross domestic expenditure on R&D (GERD) grew by 4.6% annually (in real terms) between 1996 and 2001, but growth slowed […]

Building Industries Strategy – Victoria Government November 2008

Building Industries is the next step by the Victorian Government to secure a strong future for our industry base so it will continue to deliver sustainable and skilled jobs for Victoria. Victorian industry faces a number of challenges including a global economic slowdown, moving to a low-carbon environment and increasing global competition for goods and […]

2008 Corporate Innovation Report BCG Sept 2008

Corporate Innovation Report – BCG August 2008

Our 2008 survey on corporate innovation drew responses from nearly 3000 global executives and shed light on many facets of the pursuit of innovation, including attitudes, practices, and perceived capabilities. By far the most significant finding in the strengthening correlation between frustration with the return on innovation spending companies decreasing willingness to invest. For the […]

2007 Global Private Equity in 2006 PWC Report Jan 2007

Report :   2007 Global Private Equity in 2006 PWC Report Jan 2007 Highlights of this report include: A sea change is under way as private equity firms examine ways to be more transparent and introduce more formal corporate governance structures. Change is far from uniform, but there is a definite trend. Growth in size, visibility […]

2004 Global Information Economy Report Highlights WITSIA

2004 Global Information Economy Report Highlights WITSIA The IT industry continued its steady climb back from its contraction in the first few years of the Century. Predictions of its demise were clearly premature. Following on a modest recovery in 2002, its growth has increased into 2005 and is projected to continue on a steady path […]

2004 India – Rise of a Mighty Market Instat/Mdr

2004 India – Rise of a Mighty Market Instat/Mdr India has always had enormous potential but a difficult time living up to it. In the past, this giant, impoverished inward-looking nation remained in the shadows of the global economy despite a world-class workforce. Every time India seemed ready to explode, unstable governments, political opposition, a […]