Mobile Financial Services Terms Explained Mobey

Mobile Financial Services Terms Explained – Mobey Forum May 2013

When two powerful and established industries, in this case mobile and finance and mobile financial services, start working together, they may see the world from different perspectives and don’t necessarily understand each others’ jargon. This simple fact may cause misunderstandings and obstacles in the path to successful creation of a new industry. Mobey Forum has […]

Use of Video in Financial Services Customer Service Telstra Aug 2012

Use of Video in Financial Services Customer Service – Telstra Aug 2012

Welcome to Telstra’s latest report: The Digital Media Bank – how video better engages your customers and workers. This comprehensive report on digital media and communications technologies is the fifth in the series of research papers addressing current challenges in the financial services industry. Two key factors have driven the marked changes the banking industry […]

Mastercard releases Global Mobile Payments Readiness Index

29th June 2012. A new global study from MasterCard Worldwide shows Australia is on track for a cashless future – but the country still has obstacles to overcome before mobile payments become the norm. The winners are – Canada, Japan, Kenya, Singapore, and the US. Click here to view/download the report (23Mb in size) The MasterCard Mobile […]

Financial Services in Australia Benchmark Austrade Sept 2010

Financial Services in Australia Benchmark – Austrade September 2010

Australia has emerged from the Global Financial Crisis with its standing as a financial centre in the region enhanced. Australia weathered the worst of the global financial crisis. Australia’s financial sector remains in robust good health, underpinned by a world best practice regulatory system. The World Economic Forum’s Financial Development Report 2009 has also ranked […]

Branchless Banking – Mobile Money Report Smart Services CRC

21st Feb 2010. The Asia-Pacific region is a fertile territory for branchless banking, and particularly for mobile money transfers. Up to 80 percent of the population of some countries in the region remains unbanked. In this review of mobile money transfers in the Asia-Pacific, we bring together material from reports by international organisations, discussion lists, […]

Onshoring IT-enabled Analytics – Swamy ACS 2009

The study is fundamentally about defining a “proactive” IT-enabled Onshoring solution for the Australian ICT community beset by the impending threat of significant Offshoring strategies about to be adopted by Australian companies especially in the banking and financial services area (a partial secondary analysis shows that the top 5 banks and 3 insurance companies are […]

UK Financial Services Sector Technology Report – Gartner March 2009

The Financial Services sector is the largest contributor to the UK balance of payments and a major contributor to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employment. As a major consumer of IT and communications services, it is also the leading application market for ICT. For this reason, this ICT sub-sector “overview” paper is more substantial than […]

2008 Australian ICT Companies in Financial Services Mapping DSRD Aug 2008

Australian ICT Companies in Financial Services Mapping – DSRD August 2008

The financial services sector is an industry built around innovation. The highly competitive financial services environment drives constant demand for new technologies that can improve operating efficiencies and deliver continually improving levels of customer service. NSW is home to a wide range of companies that are delivering innovative technology solutions for all aspects of the […]