ANZ Tech Pioneers 2016 – May 2016

Developed by H2 Ventures and Investec, this reports showcases some of the most exciting and pioneering tech startups from Australia and New Zealand. These are the companies at the leading edge of the ‘ideas boom’ and the drivers of the economy of the future. The Tech Pioneers 50 are those companies using technology to the best […]

Free Legal Agreements for Entrepreneurs

1st Jan 2012. In conjunction with law firm DLA Piper, Sydney incubator Startmate has made available a free series of legal agreements suited to entrepreneurs. These can be downloaded below. Term Sheet: A summary of the terms of the investment. IP Deed of Assignment: The company owns the stuff you create not the people. Subscription […]

Super Angels Review - Are They Different - ARI October 2011

Super Angels Review – Are They Different – ARI October 2011

The list of great companies that angel investors financed and helped build is enormous; brilliant innovations, great companies, jobs galore. Bell, Ford Motors, Apple, and Google: they all had funding from angels. Without the initial angel investment of Mike Markkula in Apple Computer, for example, Apple might have never launched in a meaningful way. His […]

Best Practices for Canada Angel Groups – NAO April 2008

Creating an investment “bible” for Angels in Ontario is akin to herding lions naked. At best, it’s a highrisk undertaking that leaves one exposed in a variety of vulnerable spots. Angels, active or passive, are by temperament rugged individuals, seasoned entrepreneurs who have forged businesses, commercialized innovation, and built enduring organizations. They are the last […]

Valuing Pre-revenue Companies – Kauffman July 2007

Entrepreneurs and investors must both understand the critical aspects of valuation for pre-revenue and startup entrepreneurial ventures. By aligning expectations, such understanding fosters positive, productive relationships between funders and founders. In addition, investors and entrepreneurs benefit separately when they know the answers to essential questions. What are the most important factors angel investors should consider […]

BITS Incubator Program Evaluation – Allen Consulting DCITA November 2003

The BITS Incubator Program is part of a commitment by the Australian Government to build on Australia’s information technology strengths, with funding of $78m over four years to June 2004. The BITS Incubator Program supports business incubators that help entrepreneurs turn their technology and ideas into successful and competitive businesses. The BITS Intelligent Island Program […]