How To Make A City Great McKinsey Sept 2013

How To Make A City Great – McKinsey September 2013

This report is the result of extensive research conducted over the course of a year by McKinsey team around the world. The research reviewed data measuring city performance along economic, environmental, and social dimensions. Three sources were particularly helpful in this respect: the Mercer Quality of Life Index, the Siemens Green City Index, and MGI’s […]

Saul Eslake Economic Analysis – December 2008

The global financial crisis which began with the sub-prime mortgage market meltdown in July 2007 took a much more ominous turn following the US Treasury’s decision to allow Lehman Brothers to fail in mid-September, the subsequent decisions to take AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into ‘conservatorship’ and the failure of Washington Mutual. These events […]

Building Industries Strategy – Victoria Government November 2008

Building Industries is the next step by the Victorian Government to secure a strong future for our industry base so it will continue to deliver sustainable and skilled jobs for Victoria. Victorian industry faces a number of challenges including a global economic slowdown, moving to a low-carbon environment and increasing global competition for goods and […]

Strategic Roadmap for Australian Research Infrastructure – DIISR August 2008

A new mode of investment has emerged that recognises the need to deliver infrastructure that supports priority research areas and is available to researchers across Australia. This new approach is strategic in nature, encourages a collaborative approach, and provides Australia with the national research facilities and linkages needed to address the economic, social and environmental […]

Value of Spatial Information – Spatial Information CRC March 2008

The Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRC-SI) commissioned this study with the following terms of reference: to establish the verified and quantified economic impact of spatial information to the Australian economy in 2006-7 year to estimate the cost of inefficient access to data and identify the factors operating to create these inefficiencies to consider […]

Year Book Australia – ABS February 2008

Year Book Australia provides a comprehensive overview of the economic and social conditions of contemporary Australia. It is a statistically-oriented publication with sufficient background information to establish a context for the statistics and to assist in understanding and interpreting them. It also contains descriptive matter dealing with Australia’s geography and climate, the environment, government, international […]

2004 India – Rise of a Mighty Market Instat/Mdr

2004 India – Rise of a Mighty Market Instat/Mdr India has always had enormous potential but a difficult time living up to it. In the past, this giant, impoverished inward-looking nation remained in the shadows of the global economy despite a world-class workforce. Every time India seemed ready to explode, unstable governments, political opposition, a […]