Benefits of Broadband - DBCDE Deloitte Access Economics September 2013

Benefits of Broadband – DBCDE Deloitte Access Economics September 2013

High-speed broadband is transforming our economy and society, with major implications for households, business, governments and the environment. The report looks over the horizon to 2020 when Australia’s economy will be a fully digital economy, powered by the National Broadband Network (NBN). Recent developments like smartphones, apps and social media will be more deeply embedded, […]

10 Trends in Retailing in Next 10 Years – EDG Dec 2012

Successful retailers place the consumer at the centre of their retail strategy in order to enhance the customer experience and provide greater speed and convenience of service. A content-rich customer experience has become the norm in online retailing; expectations are that this will transcend into the physical retail environment, creating a future where m-commerce, e-commerce […]

ICT Exports – Connecting With Asia’s Tech Future – DFAT 2002

A new complementarity is emerging between Australia and East Asia in the information and communication technology, ICT, industry. Australia is a competitive producer and exporter of specialised, high value ICT equipment, tailored software and ICT services while developed and developing East Asia specialises in mass produced, labour intensive ICT equipment production. East Asia’s ICT services […]