Cultural Industries Innovation – Urban Informatics – ABF Foth March 2012

Concept of urban informatics looks at how cultural and creative institutions such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums can leverage these new developments to create greater opportunities for knowledge, democratisation, individual and community engagement and innovation for creative industries and practices. The fellowship paper explores the concept of urban informatics which covers how knowledge is […]

Economic Case for Digital Inclusion PWC UK Oct 2009

Economic Case for Digital Inclusion – PWC UK October 2009

The Champion for Digital Inclusion, Martha Lane Fox, and her Task Force were appointed in June 2009 when the Government published ‘Digital Britain’. Their remit is to reduce digital exclusion by helping to ensure: ‘The best use of digital technology, either directly or indirectly to improve the lives and life chances of all citizens, particularly […]

Digital Britain Interim Report UK Govt Jan09

Digital Britain Interim Report – UK Government January 2009

Around the world digital and broadband technologies are reshaping our Communications, Entertainment, Information and Knowledge industries, the wider economy, and the way of life for all of us. We are at a point of transformation. The success of our manufacturing and services industries will increasingly be defined by their ability to use and develop digital […]