Internet Industry Association Releases Detailed Digital Economy Manifesto

27th July 2010. Last week in Melbourne the Australian Internet Industry Association launched a 51 page “manifesto on internet policy and regulation, with principles and recommendations to guide decision making”. Click here to download a copy “We’re interested in the responses by political parties to our recommendations over the coming weeks,” IIA chief executive, Peter […]

NICTA report: Telemedicine in the context of the NBN

This NICTA study was conducted with the aim of identifying possible opportunities for the advancement of Australian telemedicine with the rollout of the ubiquitous high-speed broadband network. After examining a number of domestic and international case studies and trials, and identifying barriers to telemedicine, the study expected that the NBN will have a critical role […]

National Digital Economy Strategy DBCDE May 2010

National Digital Economy Strategy – DBCDE May 2010

The Australian Government’s aim is that, by 2020, Australia will be among the world’s leading digital economies. Ensuring that Australia becomes a leading digital economy will contribute to Australia’s productivity, maintain our global competitiveness and improve our social wellbeing. The government’s commitment to build the enabling infrastructure for the digital economy, the National Broadband Network […]

Australian Government Digital Economy Futures Consultation

1 Aug 2009. Advancing Australia’s digital economy requires action by government, industry and the community. The Australia’s Digital Economy: Future Directions paper identifies the key areas of focus to maximise the benefit of the digital economy for all Australians. The report was built through a consultation process with 110 submissions a selection of which are included […]

Digital Economy: Future Directions – Final Report – DBCDE July 2009

The digital economy is the global network of economic and social activities that are enabled by platforms such as the Internet, mobile and sensor networks. The digital economy refers to the devices most of us use each day such as computers, phones and game consoles. It includes the online maps that we consult, the web […]

Digital Britain Final Report – BIS June 2009

Already a major force in the economy, worth over £52 billion a year, the digital and communication sectors are growing in significance as the country faces up to current financial and market challenges. Vital to underpinning global economic activity, they are critical to every business in our economy, acting both as a catalyst for creativity […]

Digital Economy Consultation Paper – DBCDE December 2008

The Australian Government is seeking to increase the effective use of networked information and communication technologies (ICTs), especially the internet, by consumers and all businesses to drive higher productivity growth and community participation in the digital economy. The ‘digital economy’ refers to the global network of economic and social activities enabled by ICTs, particularly the […]