Review of Cooperative Research Centres – O’Kane DIISR July 2008

The Cooperative Research Centres Program was established by the fourth Hawke Government in 1990, having been designed by Professor Ralph Slatyer, the then Chief Scientist, primarily to encourage collaboration in research and development between the private sector and the public sector research bodies but also to address research concentration for world-class teams and preparing PhD […]

2008 Innovation Review CRC Patial Info Submission Apr 2008

Innovation Review – CRC Spatial Information – Submission April 2008

The Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) concurs with the generally-held view that Australians are very good at applying and implementing new ideas and new technologies but are substantially less so at early stage innovation and entrepreneurship. The CRCSI believes that it is in Australia’s best interests to actively work to overcome these weaknesses. […]

Innovation Review – Smart Internet CRC Submission – April 2008

The Federal Government has decided to review the National Innovation System in operation in Australia in respect of its coherence and effectiveness of Government support for innovation. As part of this review the Committee appointed has been asked to include an assessment of the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of the Cooperative Research Centres (“CRC”) Programme. […]

2008 Value of Spatial Information – Spatial Info CRC March 2008

Value of Spatial Information – Spatial Information CRC March 2008

The Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRC-SI) commissioned this study with the following terms of reference: to establish the verified and quantified economic impact of spatial information to the Australian economy in 2006-7 year to estimate the cost of inefficient access to data and identify the factors operating to create these inefficiencies to consider […]

2007 IPTV in Australia Order Chaos Anarchy Smart Internet CRC March 2007

IPTV in Australia Order Chaos Anarchy Smart Internet CRC March 2007

The future of any commercial IPTV system in Australia is fundamentally hamstrung by a grossly under-resourced national broadband infrastructure. The commercial forces which might generate vast profits from this system are unwilling to underwrite the billions of dollars of investment that could turn their IPTV proposals into reality. Instead, the vacuum created by enormous audience […]


Economic Impact of CRC (The Cooperative Research Centre) Insight DEST 2006

CRC (The Cooperative Research Centres) Programme was established in 1990 to improve the effectiveness of Australia’s research and development effort. It links researchers with industry to focus R&D efforts on progress towards utilisation and commercialisation. Since the commencement of the CRC Programme, there have been nine CRC selection rounds, resulting in the establishment of 158 […]