Mapping of Australia’s Renewable Energy Use technologies and Services – BCSE September 2006

This publication is part of the “Doing Business in China” project, funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Greenhouse Office, Department of the Environment and Heritage. The project is looking to improve renewable energy market opportunities between Australia and China and to increase the capacity of Australian industry to take advantage of opportunities in […]

2006 Working Group on Asia – Strengthening Australia’s Position PMSEIC June 2006

2006 Working Group on Asia – Strengthening Australia’s Position PMSEIC June 2006 This 2006 report by PMSEIC (Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council) discusses the emergence of China and India, bringing with it many challenges, opportunities and threats to Australia – to our economy, our standard of living and our research and innovation system. […]

2005 Unlocking China’s Services Sector DFAT

2005- Unlocking China’s Services Sector DFAT China’s services sector is opening up, but further reform is needed. The services sector in China should account for a much greater proportion of the country’s total output than it currently does given the country’s level of per capita income. The services sector needs to grow and expand its […]

2003 China's Industrial Rise DFAT 2003

China’s Industrial Rise – DFAT 2003

China’s strong growth and large economy is causing rapid changes in production patterns and trade flows within East Asia and between the region and third markets. These changes not only are affecting regional economies but also could significantly influence Australian exporters, most of whom supply industrial inputs to China and other East Asian economies. This […]

China Embraces World Markets – DFAT October 2002

Entering the WTO marks an important further step in China’s integration with the world economy, although WTO accession represents a continuation of its successful 25 year reform journey, rather than a major turning point. Most visibly, China committed to further cutting trade barriers and significantly improving access for foreign direct investors, particularly in services, providing […]