China Cultural Awareness Guide – Asialink – March 2016

Although Chinese cultural practices tend to be quite different to Western ones, a vast majority of Chinese business people have some experience working with foreign clients and are accustomed to accommodating a variety of business practices. The numbers of Chinese professionals who have lived, studied and worked overseas before returning home is also increasing rapidly. This has had the effect of relaxing some of the […]

Enter The Cyber Dragon - Chinese Military Cyber Capabilities

Enter The Cyber Dragon – Chinese Military Cyber Capabilities – ASPI June 2013

China’s intelligence services and Chinese Military Cyber Capabilities have long been underanalyzed as major bureaucratic organizations and components of state power. This may have mattered relatively little during China’s inward‑looking and under‑developed years. Today, its leaders are significant players on the world stage, and understanding how and what they learn about the world and how […]

Global Competitiveness Report - World Economic Forum December 2012

Global Competitiveness Report – World Economic Forum December 2012

The Global Competitiveness Report 2012–2013 is being released amid a long period of economic uncertainty. The tentative recovery that seemed to be gaining ground during 2010 and the first half of 2011 has given way to renewed concerns. The global economy faces a number of significant and interrelated challenges that could hamper a genuine upturn […]

Australia’s Productivity Problem Opportunity – McKinsey Aug 2012

Although they may not always feel it, Australians are more prosperous than ever. As recently as 1990, the nation ranked 16th among OECD countries in terms of per capita GDP; just two decades later, in 2010, it stood in sixth place. Australia overtook the United States in terms of income per head back in 2005. […]

China Overview of Foreign Direct Investment EIU Jan 2012

China Overview of Foreign Direct Investment – EIU Jan 2012

There is growing speculation surrounding the future of foreign direct investment (FDI) in China. A combination of rising domestic wages, concerns about growing impediments to market access and reduced export demand in advanced markets has fuelled conjecture that foreign investment into China may slow in the coming years. The Economist Intelligence Unit argues that China […]

China's Program for Science Technology Modernization USCC Jan 2011

China’s Program for Science and Technology Modernization – USCC January 2011

Viewing science and technology as the key to economic development and international competitiveness, the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has launched a comprehensive effort to become an innovative nation by 2020 and a global scientific power by 2050. China’s effort will draw significantly on the resources and planning role of the state, […]

Australian ICT Trade Update ACS Dec 2010

Australian ICT Trade Update – ACS December 2010

For Australia’s ICT trade, much of this decade has been one of a steady recovery from the ‘Dot Com’ downturn, but 2009 bears the scars of the Global Financial Crisis. The ‘Dot Com’ downturn triggered a new wave of globalisation in the information and communication technology (ICT) industries with increasing specialisation along the value chain […]

Australia’s Commercial Relationship with Japan – DFAT 2008

The year 2007 was in many ways a landmark year in the history of Australia’s commercial relationship with Japan. It was the 50th anniversary of the signing of the bilateral Agreement on Commerce that helped reinvigorate trade in the post-World War II period, and it saw the beginning in earnest of negotiations on a new […]

Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard – OECD 2007

This eighth edition of the Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard brings together the latest data and indicators on trends in knowledge, on globalisation and on its impact on economic performance in OECD and non-member economies. In this edition, the focus broadens to include emerging countries, with a special focus on the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, […]