NBN – Broadening the Debate – Final Report from the Inquiry into the Role and Potential of the National Broadband Network

10th Aug 2011. This report, from the Australian government House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications, examines the impact of the proposed National Broadband Network being implemented by the Australian Government. This report seeks to contribute significantly to the national conversation by broadening the debate and the Committee greatly valued the many considered […]

Hawker Britton Report on the rollout of Australia’s NBN

The NBN is a significant initiative undertaken by the Australian Federal Government in partnership with the private sector. It represents an historic investment in Australia’s infrastructure. This paper provides a good background into the progress of Australia’s NBN – from its annoucement in April 2009, to the publication of the paper in early 2011. Included […]

Australian Government National Broadband Network Inquiry – Industry Submissions

15th March 2011. The National Broadband Network inquiry undertaken by the Australian Government House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications in Canberra, which is due to report by the end of August 2011, called for industry submissions as part of the process. This inquiry is focused on how the NBN will be utilised […]

Govt Broadband Index Economist Intelligence Unit Feb 2011

Government Broadband Index – Economist Intelligence Unit February 2011

The growing perception that broadband is vital to economic prosperity has seen it become a crucial policy issue for governments worldwide. Although the private sector has usually led the rollout of basic broadband networks in the more densely populated parts of developed countries, commercial operators have seen little incentive to make costly investments in rural […]

NBN Satellite Product Overview – August 2010

NBN Co Satellite Access Service (NSAS) is a wholesale Ethernet access product suite utilising third generation broadband satellite technology to enable high speed connectivity access for all Australians, including businesses. The purpose of releasing this Satellite Product Overview is to obtain direct feedback from the industry on the proposed design of the Satellite Access Products. […]

Coalition Party Broadband Policy Released

10th Aug 2010. The federal Liberal/National coalition has finally released its A$6bn alternative election policy (a 19 page document) to Labors A$43bn National Broadband Network policy. Click here to view the policy Press commentary on the 2 alternative election policies focuses on: the risk of successful rollout of large infrastructure projects undertaken by government an […]

NICTA report: Telemedicine in the context of the NBN

This NICTA study was conducted with the aim of identifying possible opportunities for the advancement of Australian telemedicine with the rollout of the ubiquitous high-speed broadband network. After examining a number of domestic and international case studies and trials, and identifying barriers to telemedicine, the study expected that the NBN will have a critical role […]

Broadband Infrastructure and Economic Growth – Nina Czernich February 2009

High-speed internet access via broadband infrastructure has developed rapidly worldwide since the late 1990s. Broadband infrastructure allows the generation and distribution of decentralized information and ideas in markets increasingly relying on information as an input. In light of modern theories of endogenous growth, this should accelerate economic growth by facilitating the development and adoption of […]

Broadband and the Economy – OECD September 2008

This report examines the way in which broadband networks interact with the economy, the role they play in creating the conditions for sustainable economic growth and prosperity, and the structural changes they enable. Emphasis is put on the economic impacts, in particular on growth, globalisation and employment. Broadband networks are an increasingly integral part of […]