Best Practice Government Procurement Guide – AIIA – March 2016

This Best Practice Procurement Guide has been developed  to promote a balanced working relationship for the government procurement of ICT products and services, mainly via negotiation over standard form procurement procedures and agreements. It is provided as a reference document for government users, to assist in ensuring that procurement occurs in the most efficient and effective […]

Outsourcing In A Brave New World – Norton Rose June 2012

I am pleased to present the second Norton Rose Group international survey of outsourcing practice. Our 2008 report on international best practice in outsourcing and procurement – A Smart Approach to Sourcing – highlighted the differences in approach to sourcing across various industry sectors. We found that customers needed to improve three areas of their […]

Angel Mentoring Best Practices Roundtable Kauffman

Angel Mentoring Best Practices Roundtable Kauffman

This report by leading US entrepreneurship advocate the Kauffman Foundation, provides a “best practice” perspective on the mentoring of startups by angels, based on case studies from 15 different angel groups in the US.

Financial Services in Australia Benchmark Austrade Sept 2010

Financial Services in Australia Benchmark – Austrade September 2010

Australia has emerged from the Global Financial Crisis with its standing as a financial centre in the region enhanced. Australia weathered the worst of the global financial crisis. Australia’s financial sector remains in robust good health, underpinned by a world best practice regulatory system. The World Economic Forum’s Financial Development Report 2009 has also ranked […]

2003 Mgt of Scientific Research and Development Projectss – Best Practice Guide ANAO 2003

Management of Scientific Research and Development Projects – Best Practice Guide – ANAO 2003

Innovation is a key to Australia’s future prosperity. Australia has many world-class research and development agencies that have highly skilled, committed scientist producing high-quality scientific outputs. Each year, many millions of dollars are allocated by Government to public sector research agencies to support innovation. Increasingly, it is being recognised that to maximise the return to […]

2002 Benchmarking of Business Incubators CSES European Union

Benchmarking of Business Incubators – CSES European Union February 2002

The project Benchmarking of Business Incubators was undertaken for the European Commission by the Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services (CSES). The objectives of the project were, in summary, to: Define ‘headline’ benchmarks for business incubators relating to their performance with regard to management and promotion; Support this with ‘operational’ benchmarks’ that define the means […]

2001 Best Practice IP Management Howard DEST

Best Practice Processes for University Research Commercialisation – Howard DEST 2002

In the context of the global knowledge economy, the traditional role of the university as a generator, repository and disseminator of knowledge and learning is being reworked, at least in terms of new mechanisms to pursue the age-old objectives. There is a growing view that universities have a larger responsibility, and a special capability, to […]