Australian Venture Capital Year Book – AVCAL Thompson April 2003

In December 2002, Federal Parliament passed the Venture Capital Limited Partnership (VCLP) legislation, making 2002 a momentous year for the industry. The VCLP legislation gives VC Limited Partnerships flow through status for tax purposes, provides CGT exemption for a wide class of foreign investors, and creates a strong alignment of interests between the GP and […]

2002 Australian Govt Use of Information Technology 2002

Australian Government Use of Information and Communication Technology – MAC 2002

Australian Government is committed to providing the best possible services to the community. Achieving this goal is dependent on maximising the effectiveness of policy development and program delivery, planning and budgetary arrangements, decision-making processes, organisational structures, workplace relations and people management. Much reform has been undertaken in these areas and significant gains in performance have […]

Status of Australian Biotechnology Industry – Freehills Ernst & Young 2002

This is the second Australian biotechnology industry report. It has been produced in collaboration by Ernst & Young, Freehills and the Department of Industry, Science & Resources (ISR), in particular Biotechnology Australia. The report is prepared as part of the Ernst & Young Thought Leadership series, and reflects Ernst & Young’s international commitment to the […]

2001 Australian Venture Capital Year Book

Australian Venture Capital Year Book – AVCAL February 2002

A highlight of 2001 was the decision by the Australian Government to legislate for the creation of Venture Capital Limited Partnerships, and to provide certain foreign institutional investors, including funds of funds, with exemption from capital gains tax. This is a major breakthrough, and we congratulate the Government for its leadership. During 2001, the Australian […]

Commercialising Innovation – ATSE Workshop Proceedings May 2001

Australian Governments have realised the importance of promoting innovation as a means of ensuring the continued quality of life experienced by Australians. Both major political parties are committed to funding innovation. The Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering shares these views and many of its members have successfully commercialised their inventions. As part of […]

Information Technology - Sink or Swim ATSE Dec 1997

Information Technology: Sink or Swim – ATSE December 1997

Information Technology (IT) is belatedly being recognised in government and industry circles in Australia as the dominant engine for productivity improvement and business opportunities for enterprises in the 21st Century and a key factor for generating future employment. Indeed the convergence of computing and communications as manifested in the Internet means that much commerce in […]